Farewell to the charger … an innovation that supplies electricity through the air to any phone

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Scientists have come up with a new invention and unprecedented technology that will eliminate the battery drain crisis that constantly suffers cell phone users around the world, and cell phone manufacturers have been busy searching for radical solutions for years.

According to the report published by the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, scientists in Japan have managed to record an invention thanks to which a mobile phone or laptop can be recharged on the plane and without the need for a traditional source of electricity.

Scientists have developed a wireless charging chamber that can deliver power over the air to any laptop, tablet or phone, without the need for plugs or cables.

According to the report, this new technology involves generating magnetic fields over greater distances, without producing electric fields that would be harmful to any person or animal inside the room, according to a team from the University of Tokyo.

The study authors explained that the system can deliver up to 50 watts of power without exceeding current guidelines for human exposure to magnetic fields.

This system can be used to charge any device with a wired coil installed inside, similar to the system used with the wireless charging pads currently in use, but without the pad.

In addition to removing charging cable bundles from offices, the team says it could allow for full automation of multiple devices without the need for plugs, sockets or cables.

The team said the current system includes a well in the center of the room to allow magnetic fields to reach every corner.

Other uses include a smaller version to run tools inside a box or a larger version that could allow an entire plant to operate without cables.

“This really increases the power of the ubiquitous world of computing,” said study co-author Alanson Sample of the University of Michigan. “You can plug a computer into anything without having to worry about reloading or plugging in.”

According to Sample, this technology can also be used extensively in the medical field, as cardiac implants currently require a wire from the pump to pass through the body and into the cavity, and he said, “This can eliminate it,” adding that it will reduce the risk of infection. By completely removing the thread, the risk of infection is reduced and patients’ quality of life improves.

The researchers also said the system represents a significant improvement over previous wireless charging attempts, which used harmful microwave radiation or required devices to be placed on dedicated charging pads.

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