Geoff Keighley Presents Show With Return Of “Legendary Franchises”

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THQ Nordic will soon hold its first own showcase. For the 10th anniversary, there will be an in-house livestream on September 17 at 9 PM German time. The show is hosted by Geoff Keighley, the producer and host of Opening Night Live and The Game Awards.

This naturally raises expectations that THQ Nordic also wants to meet. They speak of six announcements that take you on “a journey through time and space”.

Among them are “legendary brands whose revival fans have been waiting for decades” and “sequels to very popular games from the recent past”. THQ Nordic’s portfolio has a lot to offer after the shopping trips of recent years.

THQ Nordic evolved from Nordic Games, which was founded in 2011. In 2013, the bankrupt THQ Games and all brands were bought, after which the company renamed itself THQ Nordic.

THQ Nordic then went shopping and bought Piranha Bytes and Gunfire Games, among others. THQ Nordic now owns 19 studios. Incidentally, TimeSplitters is now part of Koch Media, just like THQ Nordic also a subsidiary of the Embracer Group.

You can do the show here on youtube to follow.

Footage: THQ Nordic

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