First trailer for the cyberpunk adventure in a Japanese world

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The Cyberpunk Adventure Ukiyo by Japanese indie developer Seaknot Studios will be released for PC Steam in 2022. The adventure is themed around a Japanese cyberpunk world and takes place in a virtual online network called Ukiyo.

In this world of colorful, flickering neon lights, people with different animal avatars come and go. The main character Kai uses the avatar of a samurai cat.

Of course something strange happens. Kai can no longer log out of Ukiyo. And it seems that all his online friends become residents of the game world.

The first trailer shows the city of Kaminari, one of the five major cities. We also see characters riding on roosters – apparently a means of transport. The legendary sword Yasutsuna is also shown in the video.

on Steam there is now an entry and a demo for Ukiyo, which will also come out for Xbox and “other platforms”. Also a worldwide release is planned, although the Steam site only lists Japanese as the language so far.


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