In September, the TOP20 ultra-leisure rankings in the United States: all kinds of exotic parkours are king

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GameLook report/September’s U.S. ultra-casual game market landscape changed. The 9-year-old subway parkour game “Subway Surfers” unexpectedly reached the top again. Surprisingly, the tenacious vitality of parkour games on the ultra-casual track also allowed People feel happy.

In addition to “Subway Surfers”, there are many parkour games on the list this month. Among them, Voodoo, which has gone further and further on the road of parkour, has naturally become the biggest winner. All three games on the list include Parkour elements. It is worth mentioning that Rollic Games also brought a “after death” theme parkour game. If you don’t park well, you won’t be able to go to heaven. This kind of brain design is also shocking.

In addition to parkour, there are also many “micro-innovation” games that are newly added to the list this month. For example, the second-placed “Merge Cube” is a combination of “Bubble Dragon” and “2048”. Here comes a more three-dimensional gaming experience. And “Kiss in Public”, which tests the player’s responsiveness, combines the common gameplay of latent games with the theme of love, making the player’s “dodge” behavior more “sweet.” At a time when ultra-casual games are increasingly involuntary, it may be a good idea to break through “micro-innovation”.

The following GameLook will briefly introduce the TOP20 ultra-leisure products in this issue:

1.Subway Surfers

Developer: Sybo Games ApS

Online time: 2012/5/24

Size: 335.44M

“Subway Surfers” is a long parkour game with a history of nearly ten years. Players need to play a character who runs desperately on subway tracks to avoid being caught by the police. As one of the purest parkour games, the game’s The core gameplay is to keep avoiding obstacles and collect as many gold coins as possible during the run. You can get resurrection opportunities or extra items by watching ads.

2.Merge Cube

Developer: smartmobi technology limited

Online time: 2021/8/8

Size: 113.16M

“Merge Cube” is a puzzle game that combines the gameplay of “Bubble Dragon” and “2048”. Players need to continuously shoot squares with multiples of 2, and make two squares of the same number meet to make them one. Blocks with larger numbers continue to advance the game process. When a column is filled with blocks with different numbers, the game is over.

3.Project Makeover

Developer: Magic Tavern, Inc.

Online time: 2019/11/20

Size: 273.78M

“Project Makeover” is a casual match-3 game with makeup styling as the theme. This game has a history of nearly two years. By getting points in the match-3 part, players can unlock more costumes or upgrade their modeling studio. The fusion of makeup and the favorite theme of the two major European and American female players makes this game enduring.

4.Castle Raid!

Developer: Voodoo

Online time: 2021/4/8

Size: 120.07M

“Castle Raid!” is a creative casual game developed by Voodoo that combines parkour and tower defense elements. In the game, as the siege party, the player must continuously increase his strength through parkour. When the final strength is greater than the defender’s strength, he can break through the opponent’s gate and win the game.

5.Count Masters: Crowd Runner 3D

Developer: Tap2Play LLC

Online time: 2021/5/19

Size: 241.79M

“Count Masters: Crowd Runner 3D” is a super casual game with parkour gameplay. Players need to control a large number of stickmen and continuously increase their power in the game to win the ultimate victory. The game perfectly combines puzzle gameplay and action. Not only does it provide many props, each node has a mechanism to increase the number of people, so that players can feel the unique and interesting gameplay.

6.Fighting Stance

Developer: Gismart

Online time: 2021/7/31

Size: 164.27M

“Fighting Stance” is a creative mini game with fencing elements. Before the game starts, the system will inform the enemy’s combat posture, and the player needs to adjust the body posture and sword-holding posture of our players according to the enemy’s posture. After the completion of the game, the two sides will automatically touch each other, and the side that first touches the opponent’s body with the sword will win the game.

7.Bridge Race


Online time: 2020/12/9

Size: 203.67M

“Bridge Race” is a parkour game with multiplayer online competitions. Players need to collect wooden boards of their own exclusive colors to build bridges, and at the same time increase the competition factor in the construction process. Players can use other people’s bridges to build their own bridges, which can save a lot of wooden boards. It should be noted that in the process of extending the wooden bridge, you must avoid organs and traps, otherwise the bridge body may be fatally injured.

8.Arrow Fest

Developer: Rollic Games

Online time: 2021/6/7

Size: 247.05M

“Arrow Fest” is a parkour game with arrows as the theme. Players need to control an arrow to continuously strengthen their own power during the flight. The more arrows at the end, the higher the score. Each node has a mechanism to increase or decrease the number of arrows, and there will be villains on the way. Arrows go forward, if you choose to pass through the villain, arrows will be consumed, affecting the number of arrows that will eventually arrive.

9.Destiny Run

Developer: Voodoo

Online time: 2021/7/18

Size: 360.11M

“Destiny Run” is a parkour game recently launched by Voodoo, which also takes the life of a person as the theme. Players need to collect various age-reducing props during the parkour process to ensure that they are as young as possible before reaching the end. If they are gray-haired in the middle of the game, they are likely to declare the game’s loss in advance.

10.Magic Tiles 3: Piano Game

Developer: Amanotes Pte. Ltd.

Online time: 2018/12/15

Size: 298.64M

“Magic Tiles 3: Piano Game” is one of the best free piano games. After a long period of silence, it finally ushered in another outbreak. In addition to the piano, this game also integrates various other instruments. The gameplay mode is also worth the player to download and experience again.

11.Hyper Drift!

Developer: Irina Andreeva

Online time: 2019/4/10

Size: 231.4M

“Hyper Drift!” is a very pure drift racing game, a bit similar to the childhood “Hamster Ball” game, players need to control a car racing on a very winding track, you can even use Your opponent squeezes out of the track. Because the track is suspended in the air, the vehicle that is pushed out of the track will basically be declared ineligible for the championship.

12.Kiss In Public

Developer: BoomHits sp. z oo

Online time: 2021/8/12

Size: 380.4M

“Kiss In Public” is a creative reaction game. In the game, players must find ways to avoid the sight of others to complete the kiss. Once discovered, the game will be over. As the game progresses, the scenes faced by players will become more and more complicated. It seems to be a very difficult thing to kiss secretly in public.

13.Paper Fold

Developer: Good Job Games

Online time: 2021/3/14

Size: 184.08M

“Paper Fold” is a casual origami game. This work successfully combines three-dimensional origami with two-dimensional puzzles. Each level of the game is set with different cartoon patterns, allowing players to fold in a certain order of folding to form a complete plane pattern, which can exercise memory and logic at the same time It can also achieve a good decompression effect.

14.Parking Jam 3D

Developer: Popcore GmbH

Online time: 2020/2/8

Size: 476.54M

“Parking Jam 3D” is a parking type puzzle game. The gameplay is like a simplified version of “Hua Rong Dao”. Players will use the movement of vehicles of different colors in the parking lot to finally help all vehicles leave the parking lot. In the process of the game, players are required to have strong logical thinking ability and calculation ability, and to rescue all vehicles through certain steps of calculation.

15.Text or Die

Developer: Rollic Games

Online time: 2021/4/17

Size: 188.52M

“Text or Die” is a game that, as its name says, “you will die if you don’t type.” This is a battle game. After the game starts, a task (for example, enter a country name) will be given. The longer the word entered by the player , The less likely it is to fall into the water and drown. Therefore, it is more conducive to the final victory to choose as long and complex words as possible in the case of meeting the requirements of the question.

16.Court Master 3D!

Developer: Coda Platform Limited

Online time: 2021/6/7

Size: 349.58M

“Court Master 3D!” is a mock court game. Players will act as a judge who will make reasonable penalties by constantly throwing questions to the plaintiff and defendant and based on their answers. It is said that upright officials are difficult to cut off housework. I have to say that it is not easy to accurately punish these trivial things in the game.

17.Go To Heaven!

Developer: Rollic Games

Online time: 2021/6/30

Size: 161.6M

“Go To Heaven!” is also a life-themed parkour game, but all the stories in the game happen after the death of the protagonist. What the player has to do is to choose the angel-related route to parkour as much as possible during the game. The intrusion of the devil allowed him to enter the kingdom of heaven instead of hell when he reached the end.


Developer: PeopleFun, Inc.

Online time: 2017/5/15

Size: 193.07M

“Wordscapes” is a word puzzle game released in 2017. Various words and sentences will appear continuously in the game. Players need to use the grid pattern to connect different letters to form a complete word vocabulary. There is an endless mode containing 3700 words in the game, and the difficulty increases with the level, which is a test of the player’s brain power.


Developer: Voodoo

Online time: 2021/5/13

Size: 263.76M

Voodoo’s parkour trip is finally not let go of the dog. “2 THE MOON” is a parkour game with DogeCoin as the theme. During the parkour process, players are not faced with the + or-numerical level of the ordinary parkour game, instead they are replaced by × or ÷ belts. The magnitude of the magnitude changes that come, which also makes this game extremely exciting, a wrong step may be a huge turn from the mountain to the bottom of the valley. And if you want to go to the moon, of course you have to go green all the way.

20.Water Sort Puzzle


Online time: 2020/6/26

Size: 107.7M

“Water Sort Puzzle” is a fun puzzle game. Players need to classify different colors of water, and finally gather all colors into their respective glasses. It should be noted that you can pour it only if there is enough space in the test tube. There is no time limit in the level, allowing players to arrange classification according to their own steps, making the game more challenging and relaxing at the same time.

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