Valorant Battle Pass Act 2 Date: When Will Act 2 Pass And New Map Come Out?

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The Valorant Battle Pass for Act 2 starts this week (Image: RIOT GAMES)

The current Battle Pass is coming to an end, with the next major Valorant update coming September 8 in the United States.

Riot Games has had to delay the launch of the new Act 2 Battle Pass and map several times, but it seems everything is in place for a smooth release.

Act 2 arrives without a new agent to present the event, though chances are it will be coming very soon.

Until then, the new Valorant Battle Pass and Fracture map will be the main features to keep gamers entertained this week.

As in the past, the Act 2 Battle Pass for September will cost 1,000 VP and will include weapon skins, Gun Buddies, Cards, Sprays and Titles.

The following free items are included: Artisan Ghost Weapon Skin with variants, Time’s Up Gun Buddy, Artisan Gun Buddy, Nice Try! Spray, versus // Phoenix and Phoenix card.

Fracture also goes live this week as part of the next major Valorant update, with Riot Games confirming that the new map will feature its H-shaped layout with a visual split in the middle that reveals contrasting sides. Long zip lines also connect routes underneath.

As with previous maps, keep an eye out for strong connections to the Valorant knowledge, including first interactive narrative objects.


Developers Riot Games have confirmed that the release date of the new Battle Pass and Valorant Episode 3 Act 2 is slated for Tuesday, September 7.

European servers will likely lag behind others depending on what the Valorant team is up to.

No release time has been announced yet, but chances are Valorant Act 2 and the new map Fracture will be playable in North America by late morning.

Riot Games is expected to share more news about expected maintenance and server downtime in the coming day.

As a prediction, Valorant Act 2 will likely start after 6:00 AM PDT, depending on how longer server maintenance takes.

Speaking about the new Battle Pass for Valorant, Preeti Khanolkar, Senior Producer shared this update and told fans:

“There are a few sprays and cards that are inspired by community jokes or memes, but I’ll let the community guess which ones they are.

“The Follow Me Buddy is probably the best buddy we’ve ever put in a battlepass, so I recommend keeping a close eye on it. The Versus // Phoenix + Phoenix map is a really satisfying map to add as it harks back to the movie we released a few months ago and it’s something we alluded to in a previous battlepass through the Broken Mirrors -Map.

“We’re trying to create more ‘series’ content so that players who enjoy collecting items can add to their collections.

“Some examples of this are the map scheme, the weapon manufacturer scheme, and the Versus maps. The latest addition we’re excited about is the Unstoppable card series, the first of which Reyna in her ultimate form sucks out the souls of the enemies she killed.

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