Call of Duty Vanguard Beta: When Does the Vanguard Open Beta Start on Xbox and PC?

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Call of Duty Vanguard Beta (Image: ACTIVISION)

Activision has provided a wealth of information about the Call of Duty Vanguard beta, including what content will be available to play through and when the open beta will begin.

Multiplayer will be the focus of the new playtest, and it won’t be as limited as the one in the Alpha.

Rather than just letting gamers experience Champion Hill, the Call of Duty Vanguard beta offers several modes to play through.

Some of these will be available during Weekend One and others during Weekend Two; these are the currently confirmed modes that will be available during the Vanguard beta:

  • Team Deathmatch
  • domination
  • Murder confirmed
  • Patrol (kick-off Saturday of weekend 1)
  • Search and destroy (weekend 2).

Activision has also confirmed that, in terms of weapons, Core MP will allow gamers to level weapons to level 30. Meanwhile, PlayStation players will get +2 custom loadout slots (12 in total, 10 for other platforms).

A message from developers Sledgehammer Games added: “In addition to the four new maps, six modes and various features we are bringing to the Vanguard Beta, we are also delivering numerous gameplay improvements based on player feedback and internal data from the Alpha.

“We firmly believe in being transparent with our community, and we respond to feedback as quickly as possible. Please note that some of the feedback received over the Alpha weekend was already in the air before the beta build. As a result, we were able to provide some feedback ahead of the beta, while other changes will come at a later date.”


Activision has confirmed that the beta version of Call of Duty Vanguard will feature both closed and open testing sessions.

The first Vanguard beta kicks off on Friday, September 10 at approximately 6pm BST on PS4 and PS5 consoles.

In total, the Vanguard beta will be held over two weekends: from Friday, September 10 to Monday, September 13, and from Thursday, September 16 to Monday, September 20.

The first weekend – September 10 to September 13 – is for PlayStation owners who have pre-ordered the game.

The second weekend is considered a full open beta for PlayStation owners.

Those on other platforms will need to pre-order the game to get access to the first two days of beta (September 16 & 17), before it becomes an open beta for all platforms from Saturday, September 18 to Monday, September 20 at 10 a.m. PT .

So for anyone wondering, the Call of Duty Vanguard open beta kicks off September 18 at 6pm BST on Xbox One and PC.

And for those wondering what new stuff will be available during the Vanguard beta, COD fans can experience Patrol, a new game mode based on Hardpoint.

Patrol is a target-based mode with a scoring zone in near constant motion; if operators want to collect points for their team, they must keep track of it and move around the map within this patrol point.

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