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Today, The Pokémon Company announced the Netflix launch of Pokémon The Movie: Secrets of the Jungle. When new Pokémon products or movies appear, there are often appropriate distribution campaigns. So also this time!

To celebrate the announcement, Trainers will be able to add a Papa Zarude and Iridescent Celebi – both as depicted in the film – to Pokémon Sword or Pokémon Shield starting today. As always, this is only possible for a limited time. And this time, you have to meet a requirement beforehand.

You must be registered with the Pokémon Trainers Club, but that is not enough. In your profile overview you need to make sure you have enabled the email notifications. This is an express condition to receive the code for Papa-Zarude and the Shimmering Celebi!

This is how you activate the email notification

Go to your profile and click on “Profile overview”. Scroll down and you will see the entry “Marketing Preferences”. There you need to check the box so that you receive “email notifications about news, offers” and even events.

You should check your posture and correct it if necessary before September 25th. Then you will receive an email from the Pokémon Trainer Club on October 7 with a code for the two coveted Pokémon. You can then redeem the code in-game under the secret gift menu item by choosing the “via serial code” option.

Papa-Zarude wears the concise pink scarf from the movie around his neck in Pokémon Sword and Shield. It is level 70 and has mastered Flora Shield. The Shimmering Celebi is level 60 and masters Inner Power. It carries a lucky egg.

By the way, another ongoing distribution campaign will run until September 27, where you’ll receive a Dyna crystal that will allow you to meet and capture a Dyna-Duraludon.

Pictures: The Pokemon Company

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