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Sega presents the launch trailer Sonic Colors: Ultimate. As expected, sometimes things go very fast.

In Sonic Colors: Ultimate did the evil Dr. Eggman has built a massive interstellar amusement park full of incredible rides and colorful rides but he runs it with the powers of a captive alien race, the “Wisps”. Only Sonic can free the Wisps using his breathtaking speed. During his journey, he learns the secrets of these amazing powers as he explores six unique and colorful worlds. However, Sonic must watch out for the myriad of enemies and obstacles in each of these areas. The blue hedgehog is put to the test, but the Wisps can help him too. Their mystical powers gave him special abilities, with the help of which he is sure to master the task with flying colors!


  • Sonic’s speed and unstoppable action: Accelerate to adrenalinepumping speeds, zoom through challenging worlds and maneuver Sonic through dangerous obstacles. Perfectly plan your attacks and thus charge up your boost to reach supersonic speeds.
  • Interstellar amusement park: Discover and experience a fascinating environment, for example the sweet mountain, which is filled with all kinds of sweets, or the aquarium park, with its countless pools full of sea creatures. All parks and attractions are located around the mysterious Astro amusement park.
  • Wisp Powerups: Sonic improves his skills by using the alien powers of the Wisps. These can be used to defeat enemies and uncover the secrets that obscure the interstellar amusement park. With the ghost trail, even massive objects can be penetrated and alternative paths discovered.
  • white streak Fills the boost meter and accelerates to super speed. Obstacles and opponents in the way are destroyed.
  • Cyan Wisp Turns Sonic into a powerful cyan laser for lightningfast movement and zap through enemies.
  • Jade Wisp Turns Sonic into a jade spirit that can fly around and penetrate solid objects to find hidden areas.
  • pink string Turns Sonic into a pink spike that can roll up walls and ceilings and attack enemies.
  • green string Transforms Sonic into a green hover form to reach greater heights, allowing him to float past treacherous obstacles.
  • orange bunch Turns Sonic into an orange rocket that hisses high in the sky and reaches unparalleled heights.
  • Blue string Swap blue rings and blue blocks to unlock new routes. Turns Sonic into a blue cube that he can trample as best he can.
  • yellow string Turns Sonic into a yellow drill. It can dig itself into the ground or race through the water.
  • Purple wisps Put Sonic in a hungry purple high and he will devour anything that stands in his way.
  • Better than ever: Available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch. Sonic Colors: Ultimate is colorful and outdoing with revised graphics, refined controls, and many other gameplay upgrades. Thanks to backward compatibility, the title is also playable on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.
  • HD updates New HD updates and other improvements, 60 FPS, revised lighting, improved graphics and 4K resolution
  • parkmUsage & Adjustments Parking Coins can be used in the shop to unlock unique boosts, auras, shoes and gloves for Sonic.
  • Customizable Controls Customize the controls to suit your playing style.
  • Save tails Find a rescue and go to safety
  • 100 count ring Collect a ring with 100 counts to become temporarily invincible and increase your score after each level
  • music Fully remixed soundtrack that sets the pace as you play Dr. Put an end to Eggman’s evil plan
  • “Rival rush” mode: Test your skills against MetalSonic. Beat him to unlock more rewards.

Sonic Colors: Ultimate is available digitally as of yesterday for PS4, Xbox One and Switch.

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