New World Beta Date: What is the start time of the New World Open Beta on Steam?

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The New World Open Beta starts September 9th (Image: AMAZON)

After going through several delays, developers Double Helix Games are preparing for the final testing period during the New World Open Beta.

New World is one of Amazon’s first major publications and has been in development since 2016.

There have been several playtests since the announcement, and this week’s beta will be a huge step forward.

Even bigger than the July closed beta, Amazon Studios has confirmed that more new content will be available to play in September.

The full patch notes will be released before the open beta launches, meaning gamers will find out this month if any new areas or weapons have been added.

And the good news is, unlike during the closed tests, gamers can play the New World open beta without the need for a key.

Instead, Amazon is using Steam Playtest, allowing interested players to request access beginning September 8 at 7:00 a.m. PT (2:00 p.m. UTC).


Amazon has confirmed that the start time of the New World Open Beta is scheduled for Thursday, September 9, at 3pm BST.

In North America, the New World Closed Beta begins the same day at 7 a.m. PT.

Amazon has confirmed that the New World Closed Beta will run until September 13 at 6:00 AM BST.

The open beta test will be available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish (Spain and LATAM), Polish and Brazilian Portuguese.

A message from Amazon also confirmed that server support will be stronger, but gamers should still be prepared for problems, fans said earlier this month:

“We still have some work to do before New World releases on September 28, and the Closed Beta has been a huge help by testing our servers, helping us find bugs, giving us a ton of constructive feedback, and many more important lessons to help our team prepares and adapts.

“During the Closed Beta, we encountered both server issues and overcrowding resulting in queues that prevented some players from experiencing the danger and beauty of Aeternum.

“The Open Beta test takes advantage of Steam’s new Playtest feature, which allows all interested players in our supported regions to request access to the test for free. Servers will be available in North America, Europe, Australia and South America.

“Open beta begins September 9 at 7:00 a.m. PT (2:00 p.m. UTC) and will run through Sept. 12 at 11:59 p.m. PT (6:59 a.m. UTC).”

Gamers have also been warned that all progress will be erased again just like in the closed beta.

This means that all New World servers will be clean when the full game experience launches worldwide on September 29.

There is no indication that Amazon plans to delay the launch of New World on Steam again in 2021.

But fans should be prepared for more news to be shared in the coming weeks as we get closer to the final release date.

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