Nintendo Direct September 2021: Update on Streaming Date for Next Direct

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Nintendo fans have received an update on the possible streaming date of the September 2021 broadcast (Image: NINTENDO)

There are rumors that Nintendo will hold a new Direct stream this month. It was thought that a Nintendo Direct for September 2021 could air this week, but so far we haven’t heard a peep from the House of Mario about whether there will be another stream in the coming days or not. And while Switch fans await official confirmation, a leaker has provided an update on when the Nintendo Direct could be for September 2021.

Samus Hunter, who has correctly revealed unannounced Nintendo news in the past, said the next Nintendo Direct could take place next week.

In a thread on Twitter, the leaker said there could be a Nintendo Direct this week, but they expect it to happen after the new WarioWare game launches next Friday.

On Twitter, @SamusHunter2 tweeted: “DIRECT AIR.

“As early as July I said ‘around the launch of WarioWare’. The 8th/9th is still possible, but personally I expect the week after, due to other presentations and the review period/launch of the game”.

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The leaker also discussed what they expected from the next Nintendo Direct.

One announcement they were sure of was the unveiling of a new Xenoblade game, rumored to be Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Samus Hunter tweeted: “XENOBLADE.

“Yes, I feel it, now it’s time to reveal! I’ve been reporting the game’s existence and development status since early 2021 and June/July. Shooting is being finalized. Which characters will return physically…and which in another form? Don’t lose consciousness.”

The leaker also said the next Direct should reveal more about the latest Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC character, with the final Fighters Pass 2 brawler launching late this year.

Elsewhere, Samus Hunter said we could get an update on Splatoon 3 and Project Triangle Strategy, while the September Direct could also reveal a new Kirby game.

New WarioWare game for Nintendo Switch

The September 2021 Direct may air after the new WarioWare game launches (Image: NINTENDO)

Rumor has it that the new Donkey Kong game may miss the September 2021 Direct and will be announced early next year.

An announcement that is a bit more up in the air is the unveiling of a new Resident Evil game for the Switch.

There have long been rumors of a new entry in the iconic survival horror series coming to Switch.

It is believed that this game will be called Resident Evil Outrage and will in fact be Resident Evil Revalations 3 except in name.

As to whether Resident Evil Outrage will appear in the next Direct, Samus Hunter tweeted: “CAPCOM STUFF.

“I don’t have much to say about the new RE game, it was supposed to be unveiled this month, but I don’t know if COVID delayed its announcement as they are promoting Village DLC.

“But expect more news about the two MH games this month or October.”

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