Game Trailers: Hot Wheels Unleashed Trailer shows the individual customization options

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Milestone offers us the individual customization options in a trailer Hot Wheels Unleashed before. The content focus is on the livery editor.

The livery editor allows fans to design their cars in a unique way and increase their recognition value on the track. Colors and shapes can be changed not only on Hot Wheels originals, but also on real cars. But that’s just the beginning. The creations can also be shared with the world and the community.

The environments are also ready to join the race. The basement is a fully customizable space where players can personalize the furniture and accessories. Incidentally, tracks can also be built in the basement. Anyone driving this route will see the adjustments in the basement accordingly. Building a challenging track through the living room, kitchen and pool table is another way to enhance the racing experience of Hot Wheels Unleashed to make it even more distinctive.

Hot Wheels Unleashed allows players to play with the cars in the same way as with the real small (PS) bullets. The gameplay convinces with adrenalinecharged races and a huge selection of sparkling Hot Wheels vehicles, with different attributes and rarity levels, which players can additionally embellish with skins. The breathtaking routes are set up in the everyday environment and feature special route sections and interactive objects. The revolutionary track editor is a very special feature that allows players to create their own unique and changeable routes and then share them with the community.

Hot Wheels Unleashed will be released on September 30 for all current systems.

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