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The detection of Internet addiction, particularly neglecting social, family and work duties, excessively increasing the number of hours in front of the Internet, in addition to the control of a state of extreme tension and anxiety in case of any obstacle to the connection to the network, reaching the point of depression if the period of absence from the Internet is prolonged. contact list, or play electronic games.

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The Use It Do Not Addictive campaign, presented by the Al-Mawda Family Development Association, asked not to leave the affected person alone for a long time, and to be eager to sit with him, talk to him and try to create a social atmosphere that helps to get rid of the problem of Internet addiction, and to set a fixed time that clearly defines the number of hours spent using the Internet. Internet, in the long run, this behavior generates in the individual a sense of its ability to control Internet use.

He reviewed the causes of electronic addiction represented in the desire to get rid of negative feelings or curiosity and love for the experience, as well as the free time experienced by the individual, which leads to boredom and causes him to resort to excessive use of the Internet.

Addiction is a new type of internet addiction in which the addicted person uses the internet on a daily and excessive basis. Where it interferes with his daily life and the duties and jobs he has to do, and this addiction completely controls the addict’s life and makes the internet and his world more important to the addict than family, friends and others, which negatively affects him and creates a kind of tension and anxiety.

Interestingly, the severity of the e-addiction disease is so severe that the effort made by workers to cure e-addiction is 70% greater than the effort made to cure drug addiction.

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