September PlayStation Now Games Revealed

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This September is going to be rich, with no less than six games PS4 added to catalog Playstation now of which Tekken 7 and Final Fantasy VII.

Playstation Now games for September 2021.

Tekken 7

September PlayStation Now Games Revealed
Tekken 7 Official Logo – Source

Signed the flagship fighting game license Bandai Namco land on the Playstation now.

Discover the last secrets of Mishima clan and the drivers behind this popular tournament. Enter the arena and fight against your friends or opponents from all over the world in fast-paced battles.

Tekken 7 will be available until February 28, 2022 and for those who are not subscribers, here are the links of the different editions available on the Playstation Store :

Tekken 7 launch trailer

Floor 2 . kill

September PlayStation Now Games Revealed
Killing Floor 2 logo – source

Immerse yourself in this dark FPS developed by Tripwire Interactive where monstrous creatures invaded Europe after a failed experiment.

Play as a mercenary, alone or in a team, in an apocalyptic universe where everything is chaos and where you will be the last bastion and hope for human survival.

The title will be permanently available, but for non-subscribers here is the link to Floor 2 . kill for 29.99 euros.

Killing Floor 2 – Announcement Trailer

Final Fantasy VII

September PlayStation Now Games Revealed
Final Fantasy VII Logo

Relive this legendary RPG in its original 1997 version edited by Square Enix or earlier Square soft.

Follow the adventure of Cloud Battle, participate in raids on the Mako reactors. His existence will be forever turned upside down, as will the universe itself, after the discoveries he will make during his journey.

Sony has planned to add other titles from the franchise over the months last fantasy, and this, permanently. For those who do not have the subscription, you can buy the title for 15.99 euros on the Playstation Store.

Final Fantasy VII Original Trailer From 1997


September PlayStation Now Games Revealed
Windbound official poster – source

Brave mother nature as you explore islands in this autographed survival game 5 Lives Studio.

Search each place to find resources so you can craft weapons, boats for island-to-island movement or just for food.

Windbound will be added permanently, but also available for purchase at a price of 29.99 euros on the Playstation Store for those who do not have a subscription.

Windbound Announce trailer

Pathfinder: Kingmaker Definitive Edition

September PlayStation Now Games Revealed
Pathfinder Kingmaker Definitive Edition cover – source

The title developed by Owicat games sends you to a land rich in history. Mysteries and conflicts await you and your team the stolen lands of Golarion.

Build cities and communities by taking possession of new regions. There are no less than 1000 skills, achievements and abilities available to customize your character.

This Final Edition contains the 6 DLCs of Pathfinder Kingmaker.

The game will also be permanently on the platform, but also for sale for 39.99 euros on the Playstation Store for non-subscribers.

Pathfinder Kingmaker Definitive Edition Launch Trailer


September PlayStation Now Games Revealed
Moonlighter cover

This RPG Action, with its small point Rogue-esque from home 11 Bit Studios, immerses you in the skin of Will, merchant in Rynoka village and with a dream of becoming a hero.

You will therefore explore the surrounding kingdoms and dimensions to bring back treasures, but beware of the monsters lurking in the area.

beunhaas is integrated in the library Playstation now permanent too, but can be purchased for non-subscribers with two versions available:

Moonlighter Official Launch Trailer

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