Alan Wake remastered release on October 5th and here’s the trailer

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Last week, Alan Wake remastered was the sound of rumors and already after a few days the return of the famous writer was confirmed by epic games with a release date slated for October 5.

But it was during the PlayStation showcase who has been able to discover, or rediscover the world (for Xbox players), survival horror, dear Remedy Entertainment.

Trailer: Alan Wake Remastered – Playstation / YouTube

Alan Wake will be in 4K with reworked cutscenes, the developer announces. PlayStation gamers will experience what has been one of Microsoft’s greatest exclusivities.

We started this article with a rumor, what better way than to end it the same way?
Due to an agreement between Remedy Entertainment and Epic Games, an Alan Wake 2 is in preparation. You should take this news with a grain of salt, we will keep you posted when there is more clarity.

Alan Wake costs €29.99, you can pre-order it here:

Pre-Purchase & Pre-Order Alan Wake Remastered – Epic Games Store
Buy and pre-order Alan Wake Remastered from the Epic Games Store today! Play Alan Wake Remastered as soon as it comes out!
Alan Wake remastered release on October 5th and here's the trailer

Alan Wake Remastered at Epic Games Store

Buy Alan Wake Remastered – microsoft store en-nl
In this award-winning action thriller, writer Alan Wake desperately searches for his missing wife. When he discovers a story he is said to have written, he risks losing touch with reality in the darkness that surrounds him. The horror story becomes reality.
Alan Wake remastered release on October 5th and here's the trailer

Alan Wake Remastered for pre-order on the Microsoft Store

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