Deathloop release date and start time for PS5 and Steam PC confirmed

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Deathloop PS5 release time (Image: BETHESDA)

Deathloop is a much more unique release in the gaming world right now, as it belongs to a small group of titles that are exclusive to the next generation.

This means that while many would play it on PS4, it will only be available on PS5.

Another fact that makes it a little different is that it is a PS5 exclusive console made by a publisher owned by Microsoft.

The deal for the game was already signed when Microsoft completed the purchase of Bethesda, but it still makes for a unique situation.

For those who have heard of it, Deathloop is a first-person shooter created by the team that created Dishonored.

It shares some of the same DNA, with many different ways to carry out your mission.

But Deathloop is also very different from Dishonored, as the story revolves around a hit man trapped in a world where they cannot die.

The story description explains: “You wake up on a beach, with no memory of how you got there or even who you are. A mysterious message floats in front of you, urging you to “break the time loop”.

“You’re stuck on an island full of people trying to kill you. You die and then wake up on that same beach again. Day ends. Beach. Die. Beach.

‘It’s enough to make you sick of beaches. Sick enough to go listen to those floating messages and do something about this time loop. That’s Colt’s journey in Deathloop. Break the circle by killing the people responsible for maintaining it and maybe find a way to get off the island of Blackreef.”

And if it sounds like a combo you might be interested in, you won’t have to wait long to start playing Deathloop.

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As mentioned above, Deathloop will be out this week on PS5 and PC platforms and won’t be available to play on Xbox Series X for a while.

For those who can play: Digital pre-load is available on PlayStation 5 and PC, starting on console 48 hours before DEATHLOOP launches in your region, and on PC worldwide at 1:00 PM EDT on September 12.

Bethesda has also confirmed that the Deathloop release time on PS5 is set for midnight on September 14, 2021.

For example, in North America, Deathloop will unlock on September 14 at 12 noon ET.

PC boot times are a little more complicated and require this chart so anyone can follow what’s happening:

PC (Steam and has three regional unlock times:

North/South America unlocks at 9:01 PM Pacific Time on September 13 (12:01 PM ET, September 14).

Australia/New Zealand/Asia: Unlocked at 8:01 AM Pacific Time on September 13 (12:01 PM JST, September 14).

Europe/Rest of World: Unlocked at 4:01 PM Pacific Time on September 13 (12:01 PM BST, September 14).

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