FIFA 22 Player Ratings: Manchester United take top spots from EA with Chelsea

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FIFA 22 Player Ratings News (Image: EA SPORTS)

EA Sports has revealed which players have the highest rank in the FIFA 22 Player Ratings.

While the Premier League dominated Europa League matches last year, it was in the top ten with only a few entries.

This was topped off by the placing of Cristiano Ronaldo at number 3 for Manchester United, behind Lionel Messi in first and Robert Lewandowski in second.

Harry Kane squeezed into the top ten for Tottenham alongside Kevin De Bruyne, who also made the top five for Manchester City.

N’Golo Kante also made the top ten for Chelsea, with Liverpool falling behind their Premier League rivals.

However, Mohamed Salah reached the top 22 with the best place in the FIFA 22 Player Ratings, as did Virgil Van Dijk, Alisson and Sadio Mane.

A message from EA Sports explaining this year’s Player Ratings reads: “The Ratings Collective is a talent scouting network passionate about The World’s Game. From sprint speed to finish, passing accuracy to stamina, they closely watch what’s happening on the pitch to rate, rate and evaluate players with over 30 characteristics that define a footballer’s skill level.

“Their ratings come together to create the FIFA Ratings – the authoritative football prowess ranking of more than 17,000 players.”

The full list of FIFA 22 Player Ratings released today can be found via the embedded Twitter page below.

Chelsea also released a statement regarding today’s Player Ratings, which was posted online: “Midfielder Kante is clearly at the top of the overall rankings among his Blues team-mates with a new and improved rating of 90 after another successful year.

The Frenchman is followed by our summer signing Romelu Lukaku with a score of 88, followed by Jorginho, UEFA Men’s Player of the Year, who has been awarded a score of 85 for the new game, and Thiago Silva with the same score.

“Edouard Mendy has seen a jump in his rating over the past year. On FIFA 21, the Senegalese goalkeeper had a rating of 79, compared to 83 in the latest game. This upgrade is due to his secure performances in the Champions League and Premier League since moving to Stamford Bridge.

“Mason Mount has also seen a big jump from 80 to 83, while Christian Pulisic and Ben Chilwell have jumped from 81 to 82.”

Elsewhere, Mbappe got an overall rating of 91 and Bellingham got a 10 rise, bringing him to 79 in total.

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