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Electronic Arts and Zoink Games show the launch trailer Randomly lost. This briefly explains what the actionadventure is about and highlights it with appropriate photos.

Randomly lost tells the story of sisters Even and Odd, who are helplessly at the mercy of the evil queen and her dark cube. On Odd’s twelfth birthday, the sisters are separated, but together with her companion Dicey, Even travels through Random’s six realms to free her sister from the queen’s clutches. Dicey and Even take on the Queen’s henchmen in explosive dice battles and massive board gamelike arenas. In the exciting mix of realtime action and gameplay over time, players must spontaneously adapt their strategies and can collect cards to put together a powerful deck with a wide range of fighting skills. In an effort to break Random’s curse and save Odd, gamers will encounter unique characters who challenge them in unexpected ways.

“The feeling of uncertainty was the ideal starting point for us Randomly lostand no specific game mechanics,” said Olov Redmalm, Game Director and Lead Writer at Zoink Games. “The overarching theme of coincidence has helped us create every aspect of the game. Each element fits into this dreamy world in its own way, enriching the whole experience. We’ve combined sharp dialogue, mysterious elements and an emotional story in a whole new way. We’re really looking forward to seeing the players face the fear of chance in Lost in Random and see how this experience changes their outlook on life. We were able to capture all of this in the courageous event.”

The dialogues in Randomly lost are from Ryan North, the writer of Adventure Time, Marvel Comics’ The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, and more. With each new spin, the players can dive deeper into the macabre atmosphere. With a style inspired by Tim Burton, Shaun Tan and Alice in Wonderland, the beautiful and visually unique locations bring the kingdom of Random to life impressively.

Randomly lost was released on September 10 for all current systems.

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