Nintendo Switch Experiences First Price Drop in More Than Four Years

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Anyone who thinks they can get hold of a Nintendo console ‘cheap’ later on has already fallen for the Nintendo Wii U. It was a worldwide flop, but after many years you couldn’t get it noticeably cheaper. The Nintendo Switch has also been sold in Europe for more than four years for mostly 329 euros.

Unlike in America, Nintendo of Europe does not give price advice to retailers. He sets the price himself and is based on the list price, competition and demand. Nintendo has now lowered its list price for the first time since the console’s launch.

Dealers buy the switch at a lower price and pass it on to the end user at a lower price. “It is true that Nintendo of Europe has changed the list price of the Nintendo Switch console for dealers,” explains Nintendo spokeswoman Silja Gülicher-Dütsch Games economy-Enquiry.

Opposite to Eurogamer Nintendo emphasizes that the Switch is still selling well in Europe. After considering several factors, including exchange rates and the introduction of the OLED model, it was decided that now was the right time to lower the price.

Anyone who thinks they can get the Switch for a bargain price is still on the wrong track. The dealers have already agreed: the (upcoming) switch now costs 299 euros. Great dealers like Amazon*, Otto* and Media market* already selling at this price.

Given the new OLED model, it was to be expected that Nintendo would adjust the price of the original model. The adjustment is therefore very moderate. The OLED model can be found in this country from 349.99 euros. So in the future there will be about 50 euros between the two models.

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