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Eating chips and gambling at the same time. Sounds like a wonderful combination, but to this day has not been able to establish itself in the course of evolution. Chips are still greasy. And grease on controllers is still extremely dirty and annoying.

Manufacturer bfull has now released the Gaming Chopsticks Holder in Japan. For 1,100 yen, or about $10, you can use it to gamble and eat chips without your two passions getting in the way.

This could of course also be done without the bracket. If you can eat with chopsticks, you could eat chips before gambling. It’s hard with a fork and spoon. The chopsticks have to be put down again and again. The holder now attaches them to the fingers.

Of course it takes a little practice. But if you can eat with Japanese chopsticks, you will have no problem with the gaming chopsticks. The chopsticks are attached between the index and middle fingers and serve as an extension. Your fingers are not used and remain clean.

The Gaming Chopsticks Holder from Bfull consists only of the clamp, the chopsticks are interchangeable. A bit practical too.

It’s not that new at Amazon such devices can already be found*, which, however, look somewhat western. Peripheral manufacturer HORI also had one such braces manufactured but no longer sold.

through Vending machine, Pictures: bfull

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