Alwa’s Awakening is retroactively available in stores and on NES-Cartridge

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Clear River Games and developer Elden Pixels have jointly announced that they have a commercial version of the retro Metroidvania Alwa’s awakening and The Legacy of Alwa for Nintendo Switch and PS4. The standard version is in the shops for 29.99 euros. A limited edition is available exclusively at Limited Run Games.

There is also a surprise for retro fans. Alwa’s Awakening is published for the Nintendo Entertainment System in conjunction with Retro-Bit Publishing. A cartridge edition of the game for the hardware that also inspired the game itself. Pre-orders are available from October 17 in Retro-Bit-Store accepted.

After the success of Alwa’s Awakening, the developers around Mikael Forslind have quit their normal jobs and are now fully committed to game development. The first result since then was Alwa’s Legacy, a sequel to the 8-bit hit from 2018.

Alwa’s Legacy ties in with Alwa’s Awakening, but is not a direct sequel. It can also be played without prior knowledge. The development was: Funded by fans on Kickstarterwho raised more than 25,000 euros for it.

Images: Alwa’s awakening, Elden Pixels

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