Warzone update today: Raven confirms news of major patch notes

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Call of Duty Warzone Update News (Image: ACTIVISION)

A new Call of Duty Warzone update is launching today, which seems to make even more changes to the weapon balance.

During the launch of Call of Duty Season 5 Reloaded, Raven grained several well-known combos, leading to a meta shift.

And it looks like more is being done this week to keep things fresh, with early patch notes confirming tweaks to the Krig 6.

The Krig has been seen as one of the best weapons in the game for the past few weeks, but will soon see an increase in recoil, making it less effective.

Raven justifies the change by suggesting that the Krig 6 is an entry-level model used by professionals.

And it’s not just guns tinkering, as the OTs 9 and TEC-9 are being modified alongside the Light Machine Gun Alpha and the Tactical Rifle Charlie.

According to Raven, the new Call of Duty Warzone update will arrive sometime today, likely before 6pm BST.

No set time has been announced for the new patch, and the development team tells fans online:

“Heap! Tomorrow morning’s #Warzone update will include several changes to weapons and attachments.

Clarification: These are ALL the changes coming to the weapons and attachments tomorrow.

This confirms that today’s Call of Duty Warzone update aims to rebalance the weapons and will not include any major content news.

This follows the release of a new Warzone and Cold War Bundle, which makes it possible to play as Judge Dredd.

Available for a limited time, the Tracer Pack: Judge Dredd Store Bundle can put you – or more specifically Warsaw Pact elite operator Ingo Beck – in the shoes of an icon from one of Groot’s most legendary and long-lasting comic magazines. -Britain.

This bundle went like it did on September 14 at 10:30 a.m. PT and is available through October 14 at 10:30 a.m. PT.

An Activision post explaining the character’s origins adds: “Introduced to the United Kingdom in 1977 and brought to the United States in 1983, a year before the Black Ops Cold War ‘actualities’, Judge Dredd is a He is not a typical ‘superhero’, but rather the definition of law and order, as evidenced by his backstory:

Cloned from the Judges founder, the ‘Father of Justice’ Eustace Fargo, Joe Dredd was designed to be one of Mega-City One’s greatest law enforcement officers, and his reputation as the toughest, most respected and feared of the zero-tolerance police officers precede him.

“Uncompromising and unwavering in his devotion to the law, Dredd touches the hearts of every criminal with his mere presence. In the vast metropolis of the twenty-second century, every citizen is a potential offender, and Dredd is the epitome of summary justice.”

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