In Season 8 Fortnite presents Incubation

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There will be chaos in the battle royale byepic games, indeed the Chapter 2 of the season 8 by Fortnite, called Incubation, heralds the arrival of an obscure cubic menace and mysteries for those who dare to visit the Detours.

The game is available on Playstation 4/5, Xbox One and Series X/S, PC, Nintendo Switch and Android mobile platforms.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 – Story Trailer.


It is a dark and not at all sympathetic reality, populated by monsters. These mysterious cubes scattered everywhere have opened portals connecting the island to what we call: the Diversions. Unfortunately, monsters use these portals or anomalies to escape.

In the anomalies you can use the powerful weapons of the Detours, such as their rifle or the minigun, which can be enhanced with fragments of monsters from the cube that you will kill, but be careful, they arrive in waves.

These famous weapons do even more damage when overheated, don’t thank us, it’s free!

The cubes are grouped around the wreckage of the alien mothership, which for some is still active, allowing the movement of troops through anti-gravity tunnels.

It is possible to become a ghostly shadow and therefore invisible. To do this, you need to find a shadow stone in the rubble and consume it.

How to protect yourself in this new season

Fixed turrets can be installed at the location of your choice or by the gold bar community.

The nuts and bolts will always be there, in addition to the gold bars or the exploration of the Detours, allowing you to improve your weapons and thus get a better defense. Transform your lever action rifle into a charge rifle, or even your assault rifle into a silent shotgun. The automatic sniper is also making a comeback, but not nearly enough to counter the threat.

As the season progresses, new tools are added gradually.


Characters are coming soon, with a map with plenty of missions to help them out, such as Jonesy Obscure to unravel the secrets of Kevolution or to help Charlotte investigate the IO.

Group missions require completing section missions. You can access it by talking to certain characters or by using the payphones. Obtain precious metal by sharing your rewards with your party members.

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