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KoeiTecmo takes us on an extended gameplay tour Blue reflection: second light. We also meet the new students Uta Komagawa and Kirara Kuno. You join the group in hopes of unlocking the key to each character’s lost memories and uncovering the secrets behind this beautifully animated JRPG.

While the secrets of Blue reflection: second light are revealed, a few new students are taken to the mysterious floating academy, where they search for clues to find their way back home, using only their name as a memento. The haunted Uta Komagawa is the first new character to be announced. Originally introduced in the anime “BLUE REFLECTION Ray”, Uta is known for being calm and insecure, but when she walks into the academy you can immediately see that the other students are suspicious of her for unknown reasons. The prophetic Kirara Kuno also comes to the academy with Uta. Kirara may have lost her memory, but she seems to be able to predict the future. Will Kirara’s words about the future help reveal the truth behind her past?

The two new students join a series of characters looking to deepen their bond as they explore this beautiful yet bizarre new world. In the academy, characters can make tools, cook, meet and develop the school by building new facilities. Outside the floating academy, students enter Heartscape, a perilous place where they search for clues to their past, look for craft items, and battle monsters as they try to discover fragments of their lost memories.

Blue reflection: second light will be released on November 9 for PS4 and Switch.

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