PS Plus October 2021: Big Prediction Of Free PS4 And PS5 Games Made Before PlayStation Reveal

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New PS Plus predictions for October (Image: SONY)

Sony will be making its PS Plus October reveal very soon, and PlayStation Plus subscribers think they know about one free game that will be included.

It should be noted that this news has not yet been confirmed by the tech giant and a prediction remains based on some picked up details.

Nevertheless, gamers have put forward an intriguing argument suggesting that Hell Let Loose will be included in the PS Plus October 2021 lineup, although it won’t be available to those on PS4.

The first is that Hell Let Loose will be released on PS5 consoles on October 5, 2021. What makes that remarkable is that it is also the time when the new PlayStation Plus games are launched for gamers to download.

It could just be a coincidence that it’s not much more than that, but there are a few other clues.

Another thing noted by fans is that Hell Let Loose is available to pre-order on Xbox Series X, but doesn’t appear to be available for PlayStation 5 users.

Why would a company do such a thing unless something big was planned for its game on a certain platform?

Again, this could have something to do with something else, but given that Sony would be losing money on the PlayStation Store, it would make sense that they would do this to avoid having to release refunds later.

The other thing gamers will note is that Hell Let Loose can now be played on PS5 as part of an open beta not found on other console platforms.

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A post describing the game and the Hell Let Loose open beta reads: “Hell Let Loose will roll out on PlayStation 5 on October 5 and is an immersive online 50 vs. 50 multiplayer strategic shooter set on 10 highly detailed and accurate maps. of the Western Front of the Second World War. , one of which takes place between the trees and the mountainous plain of Hürtgen.

“In the fall of 1944, months after the Normandy landings, the forests of Hürtgen saw the United States engage in combat with German forces as part of a strategy to secure the industrial heart of Germany. Not only was the battle the longest battle on German soil during World War II, but it remains the longest single battle ever fought by the United States military.

“Between September 16 and 20, the Battle of Hürtgen Forest will be fought during Hell Let Loose’s open beta, exclusively for PlayStation 5. This limited-time beta is available to all players and is a taste of what to expect in the full game.

“One of the two modes launching next month – Warfare – will be playable during the beta, with each side starting the battle that takes up half the map.

“From there, they must push back the opposition and secure enemy territory for themselves until they reach their base or hold most of the ground until the timer runs out.

“As the two factions of 50 players (each further split into squads of six and led by an overarching strategic commander) battle over trenches, bunkers and foxholes for every inch of territory, communication will be key to securing the advantage and, ultimately , win.”

Will this lead to Hell Let Loose being released as a free PS Plus game? Subscribers will have to wait until September 29 to find out.

Another report has suggested that Alan Wake Remastered could be made available on PS4 as it also releases on October 5.

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