Toby Fox on Deltarune – Chapter 2 and the further course of the project

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You can now play Deltarune – Chapter 2 for free on PCs and Macs. That was a nice surprise that Toby Fox made to the fans this week. In a new Update for developers on the official website, he reminds that these kinds of games are not really free.

But “the world has been very hard on all of us lately. So I’ve decided Delta Rune – Chapter 2 to publish for free. It’s like a house cat dropping insects on the doorstep. I think. I can now, with a little pride, show you the things I’ve been working on. I’m not sure if it will help, but I hope it will help,” Toby Fox said.

If you still want to spend the money you would normally have spent on Deltarune, please support other indie developers. If you really want to give Toby Fox some money, you can get the Deltarune soundtrack at Bandcamp to buy.

Toby Fox also explains that a lot of people are working on the game right now. He especially emphasizes Sarah and Temmie. Although Deltarune is no longer a solo project, he would see every part of the game. He is very proud of the team, so take a look at the credits.

Now Toby Fox wants to finish the next three chapters. Initially, the chapters were supposed to be published separately, but that has changed. The next three chapters will be released along with the first two chapters in a paid version. The game will be more expensive than Undertale.

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