Bandai Namco Secures “Waffuu Encore” in Japan

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Like Gematsu reported, Bandai Namco has acquired trademarks in Japan as “Waffuu Encore” and “1 & 2 EncoreSecure. Encore is a common word Bandai Namco uses in Japan when it comes to remasters.

For example, Katamari Damacy Reroll is called Katamari Damacy Encore in Japan and Mr. Driller DrillLand is called Mr. Driller Encore in Japan.

“Waffuu”, on the other hand, is a catchphrase of the main character of the Klonoa series. Fans of the series now have well-founded hopes that there may be an announcement soon.

Bandai Namco already secured Klonoa Encore in 2019, when they also won the Mr. Driller Encore, which has already been released. “1 & 2 Encore” could mean we get the first two Klonoa games in one package.

By the way, Bandai Namco Nordic took care of it a few weeks ago on Twitter with a retrospective on Klonoa and a subsequent poll for a sensation shared wildly by fans.

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