Fortnite UPDATE Patch Notes: Armored Wall, Anniversary Event, New Rewards & MORE

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Fortnite v18.00 update patch notes (Image: EPIC GAMES)

Fortnite fans can download a new update on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch and Android.

The new Fortnite update adds some new features and lays the groundwork for the game’s fourth anniversary event.

Fortunately, despite one or two major additions, the new Fortnite update requires no server downtime.

Instead, fans can download the update and start playing once it’s installed.

According to the patch notes, one of the major new additions is the return of the Shockwave Grenade and Rift to Go, although one item will be vaulted based on popularity.

“I’ve dug up schematics for new, powerful tools — and some old favorites — to bolster your arsenal,” reads a Fortnite post.

“The only problem is I don’t have the production money. This is where you come in. Donation boards are set up at POIs so you can chimp in Bars for whatever item you want to see as future loot.

“The first item to reach 100% funded is instantly unlocked and ready to use. Our first showdown is against two masters of mobility: lob and bounce back with a Shockwave Launcher or take to the skies with the Rift-To-Go .”

Another useful new item is the Armored Wall, which will provide players with additional cover during the late game.

The armored wall can be bolted to existing buildings to increase HP and make it harder for players to kill.

“War means it’s time to fortify, that’s why I bolted the armored wall together. Give any building a whole bunch more HP by putting this barrier on top of it.

“You can also build pieces that have armored walls attached automatically. However you go about it, it will be a MUCH harder for the enemy to reach you if you surround yourself with them.

“The armored wall is technically considered a trap, probably because it takes time to break one.

“From 9 AM ET, I’ll place these boosted fixtures in Supply Drops and scatter them on the ground — pick up some for extra defense! (For when you’re outside The Sideways, of course…)”.

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Finally, Epic Games is preparing for the anniversary event of the game’s fourth anniversary.

From September 24 to 28, players can eat Birthday Cakes for Health and Shield.

Birthday gifts will also be available all over the map, complete with high-level loot for players who break them open.

The presents aren’t the only gifts at the party. For completing birthday missions, you can unlock the cake-based 4 Me Back Bling, cake-on-a-stick Hooplah Hammer Pickaxe, and cupcake 4? Score! Emoticon!

“Like the birthday cakes and gifts, these Quests will be live from September 24th at 9am ET to September 28th at 2pm ET.”

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