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Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris Rewards This Week and Bungie Capture Zone Reveal

News about Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris (Image: BUNGIE)

Trials of Osiris will be very different this week as Bungie revealed its plans to further experiment with the PvP mainstay.

According to a new message from the development team, Destiny 2 will see the return of the Trials today, but they will have different rules and results.

The good news is that it will remain an elimination mode, which should make it easy for Guardians to level up and unlock the best loot.

And just like previous months, the start time of Trials of Osiris is slated to be 6pm BST on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

However, the rules from last weeks have changed again, with this week’s experimental mode called – Trials Labs: Capture Zone.

Here are the new rules that will be in effect in Trials of Osiris until September 28:

  • 30 seconds after the round starts, a capture zone is enabled. Players can conquer this zone to win the round – or simply take out the opposing team as normal.
  • The capture zone has a waypoint from the start of the round, including a countdown timer, so everyone knows exactly when and where it will be.
  • The capture zone starts in the center of the map in the first round and changes location each round.
  • The team that just lost gets the privileged spawn location.

Also for this week, double Trials rank points for every match! If you’re feeling the blues of Fabled and Mythic, this is a great week to reset.

Bungie has also confirmed that they will keep last weekend’s Flawless matchmaking pool, but there will be changes here as well.

The Destiny support team will wait until the Sunday morning reset (10:00 AM PT) to enable the flawless pool.

The reason behind this is as follows, with Bungie telling fans today: “This serves as a middle ground between Week 1 and Week 2, and as the semi-permanent placement for enabling a spotless pool. As always, we’ll be looking at both analytics and feedback – so keep telling us what’s working and what’s not!

“We are working on some deeper matchmaking solutions that we hope will remove the flawless pool. See more info in mid/late October.

“We’ll turn off matchmaking help until you’ve played at least two games over the weekend.”

It should also be noted that today’s Trials launch will be the last as Bungie plans to remove the PvP activity when others become available.

And with the Iron Banner returning next week, the Trials of Osiris won’t be back until October 8, 2021.

This will be another experimental weekend for PvP mode, meaning there’s one more round of big changes to be announced before everything kicks off next month.

Bungie’s new challenge with seven wins is available from Saint-14 and yields Adept Flawless loot.

Reputation win per match is scaled based on the number of round wins on a ticket, and trial passes are now account scope

The standout Flawless Reward last week was Shayura’s Wrath Adept SMG, which isn’t expected to be replaced by anything new today.

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