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At Nintendo Direct, Nintendo surprised us with the new subscription model for Nintendo Switch Online, which will provide N64 games and games for Sega Mega Drive. There are also suitable controllers!

But what if you don’t want to spend even more money on the online subscription? Opposite journalist Stephen Totilo Nintendo said new NES and SNES games will continue to be available to subscribers to the cheaper model.

The last time there was a new game update was in July where: Jelly Boy, Claymates and Bombuzal were added. The congregation was not very enthusiastic. On Twitter one fan wrote that the game selection wasn’t that successful yet.

Alluding to Xbox’s “Games with Gold,” another fan commented on “Games with Bronze” with a photo montage. Read here why the selection deserves more respect.

The fans have ideas: EarthBound, Harvest Moon or Terranigma are suggested in the comments. It seems unlikely that Terranigma will make it to Nintendo Switch Online. But that it will eventually be freed from the SNES clutches, no longer. Since the announcement of Actraiser Renaissance, fans have had high expectations here.

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