86% of cyber attacks … Security gaps in technology

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Tenable®️, Inc., Cyber ​​Exposure, has published the results of a study according to which 86% of Saudi organizations suffered a cyberattack that impacted their business by attributing it to vulnerabilities of the technology used during the pandemic.

Data from Beyond Boundaries: The Future of Cyber ​​Security in the New World of Work, a study of more than 1,300 security leaders, business executives and remote employees, including 104 individuals from Saudi Arabia, commissioned by Forrester Consulting from Tenable.

The pandemic has accelerated remote work in many Saudi institutions. In fact, 91% of organizations now have remote employees. That percentage has increased from just 34% in early 2020. The vast majority of organizations (91%) are now planning to adopt this remote working model on a permanent basis.

To facilitate the new world of work, dependence on the cloud has increased. 77% of Saudi organizations have moved critical business functions to the cloud, including 80% of human resources and 60% of accounting and finance.

However, this change in business practices has increased the risks for organizations. By accepting them, 63% of Saudi organizations are willing to support new workforce strategies from a security perspective, while 67% believe that moving critical business functions to the cloud exposes the organization to greater cyber risk.

“Remote and hybrid work strategies are becoming a reality, as are the risks they pose unless organizations address the new onslaught aspect,” said Amit Yoran, CEO of Tenable. “This study reveals two forward paths to move through: one filled with unmanaged risk and relentless cyberattacks, and another that accelerates business productivity and operations securely. Cybersecurity leaders and CEOs have the opportunity and the responsibility to safely harness the power of technology and manage cyber risks to engage in a new world job. “

IT and security teams are rapidly deploying communication, collaboration and productivity tools, moving business-critical data to the cloud to support a remote and hybrid workplace. Organizations must reevaluate their approach to maintaining security, aligned with the business, in order to effectively reduce the risks that arise.

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