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Fortnite Update 3.3 Out Now: Patch Notes For Surprising New PS4, PS5 Download

Fortnite gets another update (Image: EPIC GAMES)

Fortnite developer Epic Games has released a new update, and just in time for the weekend.

Fortnite update version 3.3 is now available for PlayStation 5, PS4, PC and Android devices.

According to the patch notes, the new update does not add any major new gameplay features, but rather improves stability.

In addition, the latest Fortnite update removes the ‘Auto download High Resolution Textures’ option from the game.

As noted earlier this week, the option in question caused the game to crash.

While not the most exciting new update in Fortnite history, the latest download requires no server downtime.

Players are instead encouraged to download and install the update the next time they launch a game.

“We are performing maintenance on PC, PlayStation and Android to address stability and remove the Auto download High Resolution Textures option that caused crashes,” reads an Epic tweet.

“There will be a patch available the next time you start your game, there will be no server downtime.”

The new update also coincides with the results of the battle between the Rift-to-Go and Shockwave Launcher.

According to the latest Fortnite tweet, the Shockwave Launcher has won the battle, meaning it will be re-enabled in the game.

The Shockwave Launcher vs Rift-To-Go War Effort has been completed and the Shockwave Launcher is now certified as Loopers’ Choice.

“Now spray back into the action.”

Fans can pick up the Shockwave Launcher in Chests, Cosmic Chests, Supply Drops and according to Fortnite Insider Hypex, even as part of Floor Loot.

Speaking of Hypex, the Fortnite leaker has confirmed that the Floor is Lava Disarmed (Trios) is now live.

Update 3.3 will launch on all platforms just a few days after the release of version 18.10.

The latest Fortnite update brings a slew of changes, adds new items and rebalances the gameplay.

One of the major new features is the increase in XP, which should make leveling up easier than ever.

To coincide with the increase in XP, Epic Games has also released the bonus styles for Season 8. These are the styles available after players reach level 100 in the Battle Pass.

“The Cubes even damaged the Battle Pass! (But in a good way.) Bonus styles for Chapter 2 Season 8 outfits are available for players beyond level 100,” explains Epic.

“But now: This season’s Super Level Styles have been added! Pass Level 140 this season and unlock new runic styles for Charlotte, Kor, Fabio Sparklemane, JB Chimpanski and Torin.”

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