GeForce NOW partners with HUGE publisher for massive games update

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GeForce NOW adds a large number of EA games to the library (Image: NVIDIA)

NVIDIA has added a slew of new games to the GeForce NOW library.

GeForce NOW is a streaming service that allows subscribers to access and play their PC libraries on a wide selection of devices. This includes phones, tablets, and certain browsers, as well as PC, Mac, and Android TV.

The advantage is that you don’t have to invest in a top-of-the-range PC to play some of the more demanding games.

New games are added every week, including brand new releases from Steam, GOG and Epic Games, as well as classic titles from various platforms.

This week’s update was quite significant as Electronic Arts joined the streaming platform.

It all starts with the addition of games like Battlefield 1 and Mirror’s Edge, although more EA games will be added over the weeks.

“Four games from the popular Battlefield, Mirror’s Edge, Unravel and Dragon Age franchises are released on GeForce NOW and are beaming from the cloud to underpowered PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, SHIELD TV and mobile devices – joining the popular Apex Legends on the service,” reads an NVIDIA statement.

“It goes beyond free-to-play and the wider collection from Electronic Arts’ huge catalog. It’s the first step in bringing more of EA’s great games to GeForce NOW.”

“It’s the first step in an ongoing partnership and commitment to bring more of EA’s great games to GeForce NOW.

“The teams are actively working to add the Origin version of each of these four games to the service, and will complete work on some games as early as Thursday.

“And since this is just the beginning, GeForce NOW members can search for even more Electronics Arts games.”

Other games added to the lineup include the arcade racing game Hot Wheels Unleashed, which has received rave reviews since its launch.

Hot Wheels Unleased is joined by other new releases AWAY: The Survival Series, Lemnis Gate, The Eternal Cylinder and INDUSTRIA.

You can see the full lineup of new GeForce NOW games below…

This week’s full GeForce NOW lineup…

● AWAY: The Survival Series (New Game Launch On Steam)

● Lemnis Gate (new game launch on Steam)

● The Eternal Cylinder (New Game Launch on Epic Games Store)

● Hot Wheels Unleashed (New Game Launch On Steam And Epic Games Store)

● INDUSTRIA (new game launch on Steam and Epic Games Store)

● The Last Friend (new game launch on Steam and Epic Games Store)

● Rogue Lords (New Game Launch On Steam And Epic Games Store)

● Europa Universalis IV (Free on the Epic Games Store, September 30)

● Battlefield 1 Revolution (Steam)

● Dragon Age: Inquisition (steam)

● Mirror’s Edge Catalyst (steam)

● Unravel two (steam)

● Rustler (steam)

● Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist (Ubisoft Connect)

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