New world server status and queue times to improve with starting character transfer

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New world server status news and character transfers (Image: AMAZON)

Queue times on the New World server remain an issue for the influx of gamers trying to explore Aeternum this week.

The good news is that new worlds and support have been brought in by Amazon, which has been trying to keep up with the huge demand.

Steam charts revealed that at one point New World servers were trying to accommodate up to 750,000 concurrent players, a task only top games on the platform have to deal with.

And as with any major launch, there were issues with the New World server status, leaving some paying customers frustrated.

But on the plus side, all the delays and release date changes seem to have put Amazon in the best position possible to handle the influx of gamers, with one fan commenting online:

“I hate to tell everyone, but this is the best release for an MMO I’ve ever seen.

“The fact that they’re already implementing server transfers to help more and more people be with their friends is amazing. I love this game already, but it makes me super excited for the future.”

“I really appreciate the transparency with this. Of course they underestimate the popularity of the game, but they’ve been pretty good at communicating how they plan to fix the game.”

Another added: “Server size is limited because everyone starts in the same areas. unless you want another 6k people to steal your kills and harvestable stuff, we’ll have to wait for players to be more spread out across the map before letting more in.

And the good news is that Amazon plans to make some big changes very soon that could make things run more smoothly.

A new statement from the New World team confirms that character transfers are coming to the game.

And in a new update, it has been confirmed that New World server transfers could be ready next week.

The full statement can be found below and includes all the latest on the New World server status and what is being done to make things better:

“It has been an incredible week of growth for the New World community. The demand we’ve seen is huge and we remain honored by the number of players that Aeternum wants to explore together.

“While it was certainly our ambition to welcome huge numbers of players into the game during the launch week, we were honestly surprised by the number of adventurers that washed up on the shores of Aeternum.

“Over a million players enter New World on launch day. Every day after launch, that number has increased, translating into long queues for some of our more popular worlds.

“Since our launch on Tuesday, we have more than doubled the number of servers and are working to increase the capacity of all available servers to support a higher population cap. Our team has been working around the clock to add as many servers as possible and will continue to do so until we stabilize latencies.

“While we do that work, there are options to get into the game quickly. If you’re a first-time login player, 40% of our live servers have low or no latency. We recommend that you keep those servers on search and get started.

“We are also working hard on a feature that will allow you to transfer your characters to another server, so if you choose one now to get up and play, you can choose another one later to join your friends on a server. to play . Our goal is to release this feature next week, once we’ve thoroughly tested it and made sure it’s ready.

“Prior to the release, we will provide detailed information on how the transfer process works. We know how important it is to be able to play with friends, so we are putting this feature at the top of our priority list.”

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