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Second Light shows different aspects in the new trailer


Today, Koei Tecmo revealed not only Atelier Sophie 2, but also a new trailer for Blue reflection: second light released. This starts off cheerful and carefree, but takes a sombre turn.

A girl in a strange world

A girl finds herself in a strange, summery world. Her name is Ao Hoshizaki. The three girls Kokoro, Yuki and Rena, who, like Ao, have lost their memory, live in an isolated school. What is going on here and how can Ao live in the unfamiliar environment and return to her old life at the same time? During their explorations, the troop encounters new girls, areas, strangely familiar things, monsters and a mysterious power.

On their journey, the girls will strengthen mutual relationships. That also affects the combat. Different objects can also be produced together. The school must also be expanded, requests must be met and various events must be organized, including dates to be lived. The character designs By the way, come from Mel Kishida.

Blue Reflection: Second Light will be released in Europe on November 9, 2021 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and PC-Steam. For Nintendo Switch* and Playstation 4* There is a commercial version that you can already find on Amazon! A demo is available in Japan. We were already able to test the prologue and the first chapter of Blue Reflection: Second Light.

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