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If you like the 14 minute overview trailer for the mecha strategy RPG relay wasn’t enough – or it was a bit too extensive – Kadokawa Games now has a gameplay trailer for you. This contains the demo that can be played at the Tokyo Game Show 2021. Specifically, we see a combat mission.

Relayer is scheduled for release in Japan on February 17, 2022. Relayer was originally set to release worldwide this year. There is no specific date for the West yet. Even the Japanese publication should offer German texts, among other things, so the simultaneous worldwide publication in February seems conceivable.

Relayer’s goal is to combine mechas, space, and Greek mythology into one strategy RPG. The “Space Opera” is being developed by the God Wars team and will be released for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

What can you expect in the strategy RPG?

In the year 2049, humanity will finally (?) encounter another intelligent life form: the relay. Simultaneously, the discovery of an ancient alien civilization, which leads to the Star Children. These are people with special powers.

In the year 2051, two women meet in the lunar colony of Artemis. So this is where the story of the game begins. Since the Relayers are up to no good and want to wipe out the universe, a battle with the Starchildren erupts.

TGS gameplay to Relayer


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