Pioneers of Olive Town crack the million

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The farming RPG that was previously only available on Nintendo Switch Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town is also since September 15 for pc steam available. This version is now sold out the round million pressed. This includes both physical deliveries and digital sales for Switch and Steam.

In March, when the Switch was released in the west, 700,000 units were last reported.

In the end there is love

Lots of adventure (and lots of work) awaits you in the new Story of Seasons. Ultimately, of course, there is love. In Olivingen you can get married again and there is also the possibility to have children together.

If you want to be without children, at least you have the option of a small pet. If players treat their furry friends well, they will help with the farm work and can even participate in the town’s pet races. We had already tested the Switch version.

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