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Electronic Arts informs us that the third season is in Knockout City has started. It’s under the motto “H @ CKeD” and a quick trailer provides the appropriate footage.

All new gameplay content for Knockout City Season 3 at a glance:

  • Four New Playlists and Events Dodgeball Hooligans will discover new modes and surprises for existing modes as the season progresses. At these events, you can win Holobux, EP, or event tickets, which can be used in the event store to purchase cosmetic items.
  • New Weekly Crew Contracts with 18 new and exclusive Crew Cosmetic Rewards Game endings allow you to explore the new Crew Horn cosmetic item. The set of unique and wild horns will sound in the match intro sequences when the vehicle comes into view. There are also new weekly Rowdy Pass contracts, as well as new training units and training contracts.
  • A New Map: Prison Blast Some security systems are still online in this abandoned prison yard. Spotlight drones patrol the prison, and all rioters in their line of sight activate a security cannon that appears and fires a cage ball at the players. This mechanic can be used to gain an advantage. The cage ball can be caught and used against the opposing team.
  • Brand New Rowdy Pass As of Season 3, Street Rank is no longer the only way to level up, unlock exclusive cosmetic items and stand out in the field. The Rowdy Pass has 100 levels with unique rewards that can be unlocked through play. Game endings level up by completing games, earning experience points, and ending Rowdy Pass contracts. Every week there are 6 new weekly Rowdy Pass contracts, the progress of which is shown in the game. With each level you climb, exclusive new cosmetic items, crew vehicles, energy drinks, style chips, Holobux and more are unlocked.
  • Additional New Content Season 3 also brings a new Energy Drink, Player Voices, Chonky Locations, Bundles, Store Items and more to the game.

A new crew vehicle for Season 3 also includes motorcycles in five different styles:

  • Legendary ghost driver
  • Epic technical bike
  • Rarely Boba motorcyclists
  • Rare crypto chopper
  • Rare barracuda

Knockout City was released on May 21 for all current systems.

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