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Prime Matter has a video for the background music of Gungrave GORE released. According to the press release, the speakers used “legendary actors in the game industry” and there is also a list:

The spokesperson for Cell Akio Ōtsuka

Akio Ôtsuka a real living legend among the speakers. After iconic appearances in many movies and video games, he is also in Gungrave GORE being heard.

He will Cell Condorbrave, lending his voice to the immortal mercenary captain.

Mika Speaker Kumi Sakuma

Kumi Sakuma dat Mika embodied in the Gungrave series, is back and again convincing across the board.

Ganpos Speaker Masami Iwasaki

Masami Iwasaki, known for his mighty and powerful voice, will Ganpo, the boss of the Raven Clan.

Bunjis Speaker Fumihiko Tachiki

His voice is charismatic and impressive as always. Fumihiki Tachiki, de Bunjic embodied in the previous parts is part of the game again.

The spokesperson for graph Tomokazu Seki

When it comes to the voice of graph only one man comes to mind. Tomokazu Seki, the graph has spoken in all previous Gungrave games, returns again.

The sonorous names behind the soundtrack

In the following video, you can watch the behindthescenes interview with Tetsuya Shibata (DMC, Final Fantasy XV) and Yoshino Aoki (Breath of Fire, Final Fantasy XV). The two renowned composers are responsible for the incredible soundtrack of Gungrave GORE responsible.

Gungrave GORE coming out next year for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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