New World Server Transfer and Status: How to Transfer Your Character This Week

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New world server transfer options are scheduled to go live this week and let gamers move for free.

While characters can change the server worlds, Amazon has made it clear that it will only be free once.

After this token has been used, it will likely cost to transfer other characters in the future.

The transfer of the new world server was supposed to take effect earlier this month but has been delayed several times.

The good news is that the new system should be ready next week, and Amazon has also shared some news about how it will work.

This added information should assure fans that the option will be available very soon and there will be no more delays.

The reason server transfers are introduced is due to the huge success New World has become on Steam.

Not only is it now one of the most played games on the platform, but the demand is so high that it has led to queues and other issues.

More server worlds have been added since launch and while this has helped, many are still unable to log into the world they chose.

Server transfers should fix this issue in the near future, with the New Wold team releasing this statement:

“Our team has worked incredibly hard to test this feature and bring it to a place where we are confident it will perform exactly as intended. While we want everyone to find their long-term home in Aeternum as soon as possible, we also want to make sure the process is seamless and ready for everyone to use.

“During our testing, we discovered some edge cases where the transfer experience is not up to our standards for the release. This means that we will take some extra time to fix these issues before we feel comfortable giving everyone their free server transfer token .”

New world server transfer news (Image: AMAZON)

And here’s how the New World server’s character transfer system will work when it goes live later this month:

  • Log into your character, which means waiting in any queues.
  • Go to the in-game store where there will be a new tab to claim your character transfer token.
  • Leave your company.
  • Delete all active Sell and Buy orders from Trading Post.
  • The character must be in a sanctuary (such as a settlement or outpost).
  • You can move your character to any world in your region, except:
  • You cannot move your character to an entire world.
  • You cannot move your character to a maintenance world.
  • You cannot move your character to a world set where you already have an existing character.

Amazon has confirmed that using the system to transfer your character again will cost an additional token. This means you’ll have to buy one from the store, but there’s a chance a second wave of free tokens will be released to accommodate fans.

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