PlayStation Plus October 2021 free games: good news for bored PS4 and PS5 subscribers

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After a week of fierce debate over the latest free PlayStation Plus games in October, there is some surprising news.

An exciting discovery has been made online that could indicate a massive upgrade to one of Sony’s other services.

And it could be such a game-changer that some current PS4 owners might even be persuaded to skip buying a PS5 console to use something just as exciting.

According to a new find, Sony is bringing together new technology that could make it possible to stream PS5 games.

And if this was something that could be accomplished next year, make it possible to skip PS Plus and spend some money on PlayStation Now.

PS Now is Sony’s video game streaming service and currently offers the ability to play PS4 games over an internet connection on consoles and PC.

It doesn’t support PlayStation 5 titles, which isn’t a huge blow when you consider how few next-gen games there are right now.

But by the end of 2022, there will be a growing demand for PS Now to be upgraded to offer something new.

And with the latest PS Plus lineup getting such a thump from the PlayStation fanbase, it might be a good move to build an alternative for those bored subscribers to switch to.

PS Plus October news (Image: SONY)

The patent found online is called Ultra High-Speed ​​Low-Latency Network Storage and comes with this summary:

“Non-volatile memory over substance (NVMe-oF) is used to stream video, computer games and the like to client devices from network storage embodied by solid-state storage devices (SSDs). To provide redundancy, multiple copies of a single piece of content are , for example a computer game or video file, stored on multiple SSDs.

“To provide information to address block-level storage based on a customer’s demand for the content, a data structure correlates each content with the SSDs and related block numbers on which the content is stored. The sourcing of the content as it is being streamed can be dynamically switched between SSDs to ensure load balancing or loss of an SSD.”

There’s no way of knowing if this system will ever be deployed to host PS5 game streaming over the internet, or if it’s just a design experiment.

Many patents are found that are never executed and there is a chance that this is one of them.

But as video game streaming is expected to become increasingly important in the coming years, it would make sense that Sony would want to upgrade its current subscription service of PS Plus and PlayStation Now.

For those looking for a new PS5 game to download this week, the current PlayStation Plus offering includes Hell Let Loose.

The full description shared by Sony reads: “This World War II-inspired multiplayer title combines epic 100-player combat with a unique resource-based RTS-inspired metagame, where commanders direct the flow of battle and deliver powerful in-game battles. coordinate skills. that affect the team’s march to victory.

“Come together and defeat enemy fighters online in 50v50 skirmishes across a dynamically shifting frontline, choose one of 14 playable roles within infantry, reconnaissance and armor units, each equipped with authentic weapons, vehicles and equipment.”

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