Will you get a Nintendo Switch OLED?

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A new hybrid console has been on the market for a few days…okay, the console isn’t that new either, it’s more like a new variant of the Nintendo Switch. With a 7 inch OLED screen, especially players who use the handheld mode can rejoice. As a result, the screen shines in a more intense color scheme and lighting effects are displayed better. You will probably notice the difference, especially in sunnier regions, because the screen reflects less.

In addition, new buyers can look forward to a larger internal memory of 64 GB. You probably can’t get around another SD card. Just as little as over the larger stand if you want to use your switch in table mode. Because with the extra wide stand, the console no longer tilts so easily. Otherwise there is still some minor adjustments to the device as well as at the docking station.

But are these innovations enough for you or have these innovations already encouraged you to buy? There are now several test reports on the internet that may or may not have convinced some users from the community. Which group do you belong to? Tell us today in our Sunday question!

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The results of the Sunday question of October 3

sunday question: What do you call your character in a video game?

  • I choose the given / official name (if any) 45.53% (56 votes)
  • I use my / a nickname, for example internet nickname 18.70% (23 votes)
  • I choose a name that I think is appropriate 13.82% (17 votes)
  • I think the choice of name differs from game to game 13.01% (16 votes)
  • I call the character by my own name 7.32% (9 votes)
  • I have a different opinion [Nennung in den Kommentaren] 1.63% (2 votes)

Total of all votes: 123

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