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Azom Azom enriches its technological products with a smart watch, Azom Watch


The Saudi company “Azom”, which specializes in providing smart products and technical solutions, today launched its new smart watch, Watch Azom.

The new smartwatch is characterized by an elegant and modern design, and by advanced features that guarantee a healthy and sporty life, as it goes beyond being a sports watch and is in tune with international fashion trends, as it contains distinctive features. for physical activity tracking, wireless charging and health monitoring.

The Azom Watch smart watch was designed to the best modern standards, as it came in a circular geometric shape with an ultra clear Retina display, with a circular length of 1.19 inches. The innovative design offers the user an outstanding viewing experience with a colorful display surrounded by a scratch-resistant screen and reflective glass, which gives a true three-dimensional impression, and the screen surface has a unique feature to respond to wet fingers, and is durable to dust and dirt. The watch gives the wrist a feeling of refinement and luxury and ease of use, and is equipped with two buttons on either side of the case.

The watch contains premium electronic chips with high capacity, the Nordic NRF52840, a premium Bluetooth chip helps to ensure the highest performance quality, display speed and smoother navigation. The new Cortex-M4F also has lower power consumption and a longer standby time.

The watch has multiple modes of movement, creating a user’s sport mode, be it daily fast walking, swimming or mountain biking. The watch has the function of sports data analysis, which allows the user to be more aware of the exercise. And through precise motion sensors, real-time heart rate monitoring contributes to the user’s health control.

The watch offers call reminders and synchronization with the mobile phone, ensures that the user does not miss important appointments and information, and provides support for SMS, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook and other similar applications. The new smartwatch offers a unique experience by being able to wear it while swimming, with the ability to record various data to meet the needs of daily life. The smart watch also helps the user focus on restful sleep as it automatically detects and records actual sleep hours, analyzes sleep stages and helps improve sleep quality. and access to better and optimal mental health. Regarding the weather, the watch provides forecasts of whether the weather will be windy, rainy or hot.

To see the link https://www.azom.co/en/products/watch?utm_source=Social&utm_medium=PaidMedia&utm_campaign=Azom_watch&utm_id=AzomWatch

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