Fortnite Downtime Today: How Long Will Fortnite Servers Be Down Before Another Update?

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Fortnite downtime for new update (Image: EPIC GAMES)

The next Fortnite update launches tonight and Epic Games has brought some important news regarding maintenance and downtime.

Fortnite servers are being taken offline so a new patch can be launched that brings back classic content and features.

Season 8’s final maintenance kicks off in the early hours of Tuesday morning, October 12, meaning the gamers most affected by this downtime will be in Australia and North America.

Fortnite downtime means the game will be unplayable as long as the team has to implement the next update.

Based on Epic Games’ cues, today’s Fortnite 18.20 update brings the Combat AR and Combat SMG back into the game.

And with the Fortnitemares festivities in full swing, there are also reports that rideable monsters will be added, not to mention even more spooky skins and items.

There’s also a good chance that Epic Games will continue to trickle feed content into the game as we get closer to Halloween.


Fortnite downtime starts today at 9am BST in the UK, or 4am EDT if you live in North America.

Today’s maintenance window could last several hours, although Epic Games has not warned that it will take too long on Twitter.

They have given a maximum time limit for today’s Fortnite downtime, with maintenance expected to end before 1pm BST.

The latest message from the Epic Games support team offers this guidance: “Combat fights combat. The v18.20 update is slated to release on October 12.

“Downtime starts at approximately 4:00 AM ET, with matchmaking disabled approximately. 30 minutes earlier.”

As mentioned above, Fortnite servers will shut down 30 minutes before 9am BST, meaning you could be kicked out of live matches.

Lots of new content will be added to Fortnite this month to celebrate Halloween, and the map will change too.

Epic Games has confirmed that the Cubes will be in attendance, with other events kicking off throughout the month.

A message from the Fortnite development team explains: “The Cubes are mobilizing for the next step of their plan.

“Later in the month they will escalate their rule over the island. But take heart! Reinforce your determination with a new weapon from The Sideways and returning Halloween tricks. A special LTM will also return. During this Cubic chaos, there are also Quests to complete for uncanny rewards.

Fortnitemares 2021 will conclude with the third Short Nite film festival! Like previous Short Nites, “Shortnitemares” will feature animated shorts, but this time the shorts will be based on the eerie and sinister.

“Also, this Short Nite will take place in a creator-made cinema (made by Quantum Builds), where each short film has its own theater room. Choose the order in which you watch them, or watch them all in a loop in the banquet hall.”

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