Overwatch Halloween 2021 Release Date, Event Time and Terror Skins COUNTDOWN

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Overwatch Halloween Event Countdown (Image: BLIZZARD)

Blizzard has confirmed that the next big Overwatch event will start in less than 24 hours.

Overwatch Halloween Terror 2021 features new skins to unlock, cosmetics to earn through challenges, and returning limited-time game modes.

At least five new skins are expected to be released as part of the new event, with plenty of weekly challenges to tackle before shutting down in November.

Blizzard’s latest teasers confirm that Roadhogg will be dressing up in a terrifying clown costume, alongside new outfits for Vampire Bat Echo and Draugr Reinhardt.

A few other skins are expected to be unveiled before it all starts and will be shared via the official Overwatch Twitter account.


Blizzard has confirmed that the Overwatch Halloween Terror release date is slated for Tuesday, October 12.

The Halloween Terror is expected to kick off around 7pm BST on PlayStation, Xbox and PC platforms.

Delays are possible, but since no major expansions or new content are expected, it seems likely that everything will run smoothly.

It’s unclear at this point if Blizzard plans to make any major balance changes to the current character roster.

There may be updates to both the base game and the experimental servers, but there hasn’t been much action on the PTR lately.

So it’s hard to say how big the download of the new Overwatch event patch will be when it arrives on October 12.

The 2020 event description offers a preview of what to expect, adding, “Celebrate this terrifying season with Halloween Terror Loot Boxes, filled with new skins, highlight intros, player icons, sprays, and more. Items from previous years’ Halloween Terror events are also available.

“Get 10 bonus Halloween Loot Boxes when you buy 50. Don’t wait too long though, like most things that bump into at night, these Loot Boxes will disappear before you know it.”

And as usual, Blizzard is bringing back the limited-time modes of Junkenstein’s Revenge and Junkenstein’s Endless.

This means you have to defend Adlersbrunn against the cunning Dr. Junkenstein and his terrible creations, and it’s possible a few new characters could be added to the mix.



Team up with three other players to face a host of terrifying abominations, including Junkenstein and his mindless Zomnic horde, the terrible Monster, the mysterious Summoner, the bloodthirsty Reaper, and the cunning Witch of the Wilds.


Stand firm with your compatriots as an endless series of monstrosities besiege Adlersbrunn. How long can you last before you succumb to Junkenstein’s horrors?

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