Monster Hunter Rise Demo COUNTDOWN: PC Release Date & Last Launch Time

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Monster Hunter Rise Demo News (Image: CAPCOM)

The new Monster Hunter Rise demo launches this week on Steam and gamers will have less than 24 hours to wait for it to be available to download.

While MHR has been available on Nintendo Switch for a while, this is the first time gamers on another platform will have the chance to enjoy the game.

As with most Monster Hunter games, Rise requires you to hunt down a plethora of monsters with different behaviors and different levels of difficulty.

Classic monsters are available to defeat in Rise, but there are also new creatures that make up the new storyline.

This includes the wyvern Magnamalo, based on Japanese folklore, which offers one of the toughest tests in the game.

Magnamalo will also play a big part in the new Monster Hunter Rise Demo that goes live this week, but there will be plenty of other challenges as well.

One thing that has been noted is that Monster Hunter Rise on PC is a port of the Nintendo Switch, meaning the improved textures are limited.

The good news is that the unlimited FPS options available on PC make it the perfect place to enjoy the intricate hack-n-slash action.

The demo itself is similar to the one that launched on Switch earlier this year, meaning there’s a time limit.

Gamers can play the missions to defeat Great Izuchi, Mizutsune or Magnamalo up to 30 times.

Once you run out of attempts, all five quest types, including the Basic Training Quest and the Wyvern Riding Training Quest, are no longer available.

The full description reads: “The new Magnamalo quest is an advanced difficulty quest, tailored for the demo.

“You’ll have to fight it with fixed gear, which makes it even harder than usual, so only the confident need applies!”


There is no release planned as to when the Monster Hunter Rise demo will be available to download and play.

We know that the Monster Hunter Rise Demo release date is set for Wednesday, October 13.

We don’t know the exact release time, which means it could arrive at midnight local time or 4pm during the Steam Store refresh.

Capcom could share more news in the coming hours as we get closer to launch.

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