The German overview trailer for Mario Party Superstars shows boards and minigames

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As classic as the Mario Party series are Nintendo’s detailed overview trailers. Now what belongs together comes together: the overview trailer Superstars of Mario Party! First, we are introduced to the game boards and their quirks, including coins and stars. Of course, these games also include playing mini-games.

This can also all be done online if the party cannot go on together on the couch. Those who prefer to omit the game boards completely can take a dip in the mini-game mountain. There are also sports and puzzles that are not on the game boards. Daily online challenges also attract visitors.

For true Mario Party fans, the new board game adventure isn’t all that new. Mario Party Superstars is like a completely redesigned best of the popular N64 era, so to speak. The minigames are also a best-of in the history of the series. 100 minigames from the last 10 series are included, most of them from Mario Party 3. Mario Party Superstars can borrow 24 games here.

A local multiplayer mode is advertised. And it also has to go well online from the start. The dice will roll in from October 29th Mario Party Superstars for Nintendo Switch*.

The overview trailer for Mario Party Superstars


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