Xbox News: New Game Pass Release, Destiny 2 Vaulting, Xbox Series X Stock Update

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A new Xbox Game Pass release this week offers the final day one launch of the popular Xbox One and Xbox Series X library.

Back 4 Blood is one of the biggest launches for the service in 2021, following in the footsteps of Hades, Psychonauts 2 and The Ascent.

The zombie shooter is a perfect complement to Game Pass and offers an exciting new co-op world best experienced in a multiplayer environment.

But while Back 4 Blood is one of the biggest Day One launches of 2021 so far, it’s about to be overshadowed.

Halo Infinite awaits in the wings, arriving in December 2021 and featuring a free-to-play multiplayer component.

Early feedback suggests that the PvP battle will be a huge success and while Game Pass is not required to play, imagine there will be plenty of free stuff for those who do.

The other big piece of content is the Halo Infinite campaign, which has not yet been fully unveiled by developers 343 Industries.

If it comes in time, it will mark one of the biggest Day One launches for Xbox Game Pass in its history.

And before that, Forza Horizon 5 also arrives as part of Xbox Game Pass on November 9, making for another massive release.

One bad news Xbox Game Pass fans received this week is that the Destiny 2 Forsaken expansion is going through some major changes.

And not just Game Pass, with Bungie confirming that they plan to take over much of the game very soon.

Bungie has been clear that not all expansions will disappear, but that the Forsaken campaign will disappear next year, telling fans:

“From February 22, the Forsaken campaign and Tangled Shore destination will enter the DCV (Note: Dreaming City destination remains available), along with Year 4 Seasonal content, including the Presage and Harbinger Exotic missions. We understand the unique value of these definitive Destiny experiences and explore ways to start over and create new exciting exotic special missions within Destiny 2 for the future.

Xbox news this week (Image: MICROSOFT)

“Saving this content will give us space to launch The Witch Queen expansion and its new Throne World destination, as well as new features such as weapon crafting, the new Legendary difficulty campaign option, the new Glaive weapon archetype, plus all the additional content we’ve planned for the four new seasons starting in February.

“While most of the Season 4 content will be vaulted, certain Year 4 content will be preserved in Year 5, including the Proving Grounds attack and the Battlegrounds activities. Starting in February, the existing Battlegrounds will be combined with strikes in a new ‘Vanguard Operations’ playlist that is free to all players. In addition, the Warden of Nothing attack remains in play and is available to all players for free. Finally, Spider’s entire currency exchange function will be taken over by Master Rahool in the Tower when the Tangled Shore is moved to the DCV.”

Xbox Series X shares became available to buy in the UK again this week, this time on supermarket chain ASDA’s website.

The Xbox Series X costs £449.99 on the ASDA website, and the online store also offers a range of Xbox games that you could buy for your shiny new console.

Popular Xbox Series X games listed on the ASDA site included FIFA 22, the latest entry in EA’s all-conquering footie series.

The latest Xbox add-on became available around 6pm on October 12, while others hit the Microsoft Store earlier in the week.

Elsewhere, the Smyths Toys website says it expects a new supply of the Xbox Series X console this month.

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