Star Trek Online first Halloween event started

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While Star Trek may not immediately think of it, Perfect World and Cryptic Studios are announcing that Star Trek Online the first Halloween event started yesterday. It’s called “Fall of the Ancients” and lasts until November 3.

The press release writes:

The players beam themselves to an ancient castle on Pyris VII, where they meet “the ancients”, the famous aliens from the spaceship venture’s episode “The Haunted Castle in Space”. These extragalactic creatures have traveled to the galaxy to study humanity, but their plans are disrupted by the ghostly Devidians. In this new task force, players are confronted with the horror that once engulfed Captain Kirk, Mr. Scott and Dr. McCoy had to endure.

Those brave enough to venture into the darkness fraught with dangers and pursuits will unlock one of these creatures as a prestige companion and the universal kit module “Transformation Wand” that allows you to turn your opponent into a black cat that causes other shield enemies and lose other powers. To receive these items, one must achieve daily progress once per day per account for two weeks by completing the new task force “Cat Story”.

Star Trek Online was released on September 7, 2016 for PS4 and Xbox One.

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