Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris Rewards This Week and Loot News

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The Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris PvP event kicks off today and Guardians expect to appear on a new map around 6pm BST.

Bungie has delayed or canceled Trials late due to other PvP events in the past.

But if everything goes according to the normal schedule, groups of three other fire teams will take on to try and score the best loot.

Bungie hasn’t shared any plans to run an experimental version of the Trials this week, meaning the regular should work normally.

The recent changes to the PvP event have led to several adjustments to the way loot is obtained and earned.

Trials now offer a seven win challenge, which will be available from Saint-14, and yields the Adept Flawless loot.

Reputation win per match has been scaled based on the number of round wins on a ticket, and trial passes are now within account range.

For example, these are some of the rewards and loot packs that were available last month:

  • Reputation Rank 4 – Upgrade Module (2)
  • Reputation Rank 7 – Improvement Prism (3)
  • Spotless Reward – Eye of Sol Legendary Adept Sniper Rifle.

The last Flawless Reward Bungie offered was the Eye of Sol Adept Sniper Rifle, which will be replaced by a new weapon today.

The trials of Osiris begin again today (Image: BUNGIE)

Bungie has also confirmed that they have reduced the lap time to 90 seconds, with each round starting with fresh special ammunition.

Cross-Play must be enabled to participate in Trials of Osiris, which also requires the purchase of the current annual expansion.

No further changes have been announced regarding Trials of Osiris, although more matchmaking tweaks may be made to Flawless matches.

An earlier Bungie post reveals: “We tested to separate clear players (and their fireteams) from players who hadn’t gone clear that week.

“Before we discuss what to expect this week (and in the future), let’s talk about the goals we have for matchmaking in Trials of Osiris and look at some key data points for the first two weeks.

“Solo players are a key to the functioning of the whole system. For example, in our first week, a whopping 54% were full fireteams versus solos/duos. Back to this week where only 45% fireteams vs. solos/duos were — quite a sharp drop.

“To bring in enough solo players, we need to offer rewards that are good enough and matchmaking that feels reasonable, regardless of skill level.

“Right now we have engrams to grind for, as well as attractive rewards of seven wins, but only if you win.”

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