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GameLook report/ I am eager to reread “The Little Prince” after I recently experienced the “Light Encounter” season.

GameLook, who gave birth to this idea, is not alone. I found that recently, the owner of the Knowledge Zone at Station B, the knowledge recommendation officer of Zhihu, and the writers have collectively set off a party to share “The Little Prince”.

In fact, it is not difficult to understand this grand occasion, and everyone’s behavioral logic is also surprisingly consistent: after participating in the wonderful journey of “Light Yu” and “The Little Prince”, I was moved by this classic again.

Now, with the reunion with the little prince in the sky kingdom, this classic has been brought back to the public eye. In this process, the unique pure and delicate emotional expression of “Light Yu” and the user-led immersive interactive experience have given players a deeper understanding of this fairy tale classic.

As a UP main video said, for players who have not heard of the book “The Little Prince”, the linkage of “Light Yu” may be a good opportunity. Obviously, The Little Prince Season has also aroused the curiosity of more new readers, which has given birth to countless people’s desire to come into contact with or review the original work for the first time, and it has also moved many people by a generation of classic masterpieces.

The same theme makes it possible to meet classics

In the final analysis, the reason why “The Little Prince” and “Light Encounter” can collide with different kinds of chemical reactions stems from the mutual fusion of each other’s emotional themes. To clarify the core of the two, it is necessary to start with Saint Exupéry, the author of “The Little Prince”.

As a pilot, the perennial lonely and dangerous flying life made Saint Exupéry realize the fragility and accident of existence early on. It was also inevitably influenced by the existentialism that prevailed in France at that time, which became the theme throughout all of his works, as did the Little Prince.

Domestication is undoubtedly the core of the book, and its essence is a process of creating relationships and meaning. It was precisely because the little prince had watered, dewormed, and cared for the roses that she became the only one who distinguished her from the thousands of roses in the heart of the former, and its meaning was established in the little prince’s actions.

To explain in the little prince’s own words, it was the time I spent on her that made her so important. To put it more simply, love will make ordinary things more meaningful.

Think about it, the little prince who was so familiar in the original book was also in the game with me in hide-and-seek, hunting for butterflies, watching the sunset and playing ukulele, becoming me among thousands of people. The only one, we have also completed the real “domestication” between us. I think this is why when the little prince bids farewell to the Sky Kingdom, it is difficult to feel the feeling of loss and sadness.

After all, the establishment of this indelible and deep bond also made me realize again: just meeting it is very beautiful.

The above-mentioned “this journey” actually not only refers to the Little Prince Season, but also the story of my fetters and experiences in “Light Yu”. To some extent, the spiritual expression of “Light Yu” is also biased towards “existentialism”, that is, I have been here and experienced emotional ups and downs, and this journey will be rich and special because of my experience.

Obviously there are more players of “Light Yu” who have the same feeling. During the little prince season, #光遇同一个再看四 Fourthsession sunset#, #Every goodbye is a moment of growing up# and other topics of retrieving my innocence have sparked many discussions. At the same time, it is precisely based on the mutual fit of the themes of the two works that “Light·Yu” successfully promoted more positive energy activities: that is, helping contemporary people actively read the original work of “The Little Prince”, and began to share and exchange their emotions. , Feeling beautiful.

The advantages of interactive entertainment make young people fall in love with reading

Time never stops, but it seems to be eternal to the classics. What’s interesting is that “The Little Prince”, born in 1942, spanned nearly 80 years and still makes every reader feel “cured”.

Those who have the same feeling are the creators of the game development team thatgamecompany. They are well versed in the charm of the original book, and hope to promote the concepts in it to more people through different media. Therefore, “The Little Prince” has also become the first season of in-depth interaction of the game.

“It’s about something very basic, not about culture or background. It’s something we can call’humanity’.” In an official interview released recently, it is also the production of fans of the original. Chen Xinghan said bluntly: “I really like this book, and I think it is a classic story that is worth passing on from generation to generation.”

The producer also stated in the conversation that he had learned from relevant market surveys that among the popular media methods, reading, which was once vital, only ranks seventh. In contrast, the same popular movies, TV, games, etc. Ranked among the best. It is also this unexpected data that the R&D team that loves the original work gave birth to the idea of ​​making more people interested in the original work of “The Little Prince” and in reading.

“I think that in our era, as game producers, we have come to a favorable position to promote traditional reading, so we also want to recommend “The Little Prince” to more people, especially young people, in an interactive and entertaining way.” Chen Xinghan said. Say.

As originally expected, many fans said that after reuniting with the little prince in “Light Encounter”, they have more and different feelings than in the original book, and this has also reopened the book. For example, as a guide, Rose confronted the player for the first time and expressed her own thoughts. As a bystander, we intuitively understood the little prince’s departure and her stabbing duplicity.

In contrast, more non-original parties are inspired by the little prince season to hold up a book for the first time. After comparing the original paragraphs with the interaction and exploration of the little prince in the game one by one, I felt the profound meaning of the production team in terms of gameplay, pictures, music, etc., and was once again moved by the details of the plot and felt more warmth .

And this is another purpose of the R&D team to facilitate this linkage: I hope “Light Encounter” can be used as a window to bring more literary and artistic classic IP back to the public. The current linkage with “The Little Prince” is obviously showing initial results, affecting a large part of the people including the R&D team.

During the creation process, the characters and author experiences in the book “The Little Prince” are all vigilant, and inspire the creative team to move towards the goal.

In the official interview, each designer expressed the adult in the original work that he most empathizes with. Community management and designer Samantha said that he can empathize with businessmen most. In the previous ten-year career in the financial industry, earning a living according to the rules was more like a boring adult life. It is very interesting to be able to work in the game industry and regain the curiosity and creativity of a child. Also impressed by businessmen is graphic designer Stephanie. She believes that sometimes we are chasing likes and others’ recognition on social media, but it will overwhelm the content we really want. Businessmen just wake up and don’t get lost in it.

In addition, art director Cecil said that geographers love him the most. The similar style of both parties also reminded the former “what do I want to do”. And he also got inspiration from the experience of the author Saint Exupéry: the latter has repeatedly challenged flight records, during which time he fell into the desert for five days and five nights like a pilot in the book.

“I think the feeling of having love in my heart and moving towards the right goal or insisting on doing the right thing in our heart is really great.” It is this indomitable spirit that has always inspired Cecil and the entire R&D team. , And gave birth to “Light·Yu” and the birth of the Little Prince Season.

Hold offline reading clubs to find the truth about the beauty of reading

In recent years, with the promotion of reading as the theme, during the World Book Day and National Reading Day, various offline activities such as book clubs and lecture salons have emerged long ago, and they have also been loved by many young people. On this basis, in addition to a series of activities in the Little Prince Season in the game, “Light·Yu” also opened an offline book club.

At the end of September, the game official held the “Light·Yu” x “Little Prince” Searching for the Truth Book Club in the Hangzhou Netease Snail Library, and sent customized books and game exclusive gifts to readers on the spot, which attracted a few Ten strangers participated and talked about the touch of “The Little Prince”.

The same theme as the Little Prince Season, in order to sing the simple pursuit of humanity, the first activity of the book club asked the readers to write a letter to the “innocent” self in the past and send it to the little prince’s home planet B612. What’s more interesting is that in the subsequent sharing session, this group of people who have never met began to share their story of finding the truth in the little prince season of “Light·Yu”.

This is not a long activity. Some people talked about having a warm encounter with other players, and finally saw a scenery beyond the reach of one person; some readers said that they felt the shadow of themselves and their love in “The Little Prince”, And shared their love for each other…Unexpectedly, this group of strangers who were touched by “Light·Yu” and “The Little Prince” gather together, but they can create a different kind of warm atmosphere, and this one is quite meaningful. The event also won praise and strong support from the Hangzhou Communist Youth League.

The offline “seeking truth book club” of charity nature is essentially caring for the spiritual growth of players and also helping to further connect game content with the real world.

Based on the special emotion engine of “Light Yu”, the delicate emotions of “The Little Prince” can be conveyed to the players in a more three-dimensional and rich form, which invisibly magnifies the original appeal to the players. Because of this, after further integration with offline reading clubs, the game can also guide more people to change from facing and experiencing classics to reading classics spontaneously, thereby further contributing to the construction of social spiritual civilization.

Today, although the Little Prince season has officially ended on October 13, I, who have established a “tame” relationship with the little prince, will continue to relive our story in the continuation of the original classic. I think this is not only the power of reading, but also a beautiful change brought about by the combination of “Light Yu” with the advantages of interactive entertainment and the masterpiece.

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